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Dragon Ball Special Leaked on You Tube!


I don’t know, how these fans do it, but now they have uploaded the special dbz series released online just 2-3 days ago on you tube! Even after making such special browsers, everything has come back to the square one. I have posted them in this post. View them now, coz I don’t think that they will be there for long!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Don’t forget to leave your thoughts on the special series!


DBZ Special Series Out Online! Watch It!

logorl7Yes Sir!!! Goku and his friends are back after 11 years!! But the only difference this time is that, they are online!! But what difference does it make to us fans, when we have got brilliant web sites like Jupland and brilliant blog sites like this one to inform you people about such great news?

Well now about the special Dragon Ball Z Series! It has got an all new opening video and the video quality of the series is fabulous! Instead of telling you all about this, it would be better, if you people get to watch it!

To do so, download the link first! Download here. And now download the special web browser, which has been specially made to view the series. Download the web browser here. I think they have done it because some smart fans would download the series easily using there own web browser! Oh! And one more thing! The video is only free till the 31st of January 2009!

So!  Here is what you have to do now.

1) Install the web browser.

2) Open it.

3) Minimize the browser.

4) Drag drop the previously downloaded link to the minimized browser.

5) The video will start automatically.

6) Oh! Forgot to mention! Before the video starts, get a packet of popcorn!

7) Sit back and enjoy watching your favourite characters beating the hell out of the new villains!!

Thanks to Jumpland for all this!

Good News Dragon Ball Live Action Fans!!!!


The Max Payne movie is coming out this October on 17th. Guess what Max Payne’s movie has got to do with DB’s live action?

Yes!!! 20th Century Fox will debut the Dragon Ball live action’s trailer with the release of Max Payne’s movie.

This news was informed by “”ComingSoon.net” to “dbthemovie.com“. We’ll have to just wait and see if the trailer is up to our expectations or not.

It may be that the trailer may come online earlier the month. Well nothing can be said as on now. According to IGN, the date of the release of the trailer cannot be assured. All we can to until then is just pray for it to release as soon as possible.

More updates on the topic will be posted as soon as I get more.