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Eminem’s Single “Not Afraid” Music Video Premier!!!

Yes sir!!! The king of Raps is back with a new  music video of his hit single “Not Afraid” from his upcoming highly anticipated album “Recovery”!

The video is really awesome! Well… it feels a bit like Will Smith’s “Hancock” towards the end of the video with Shady flying like a super hero after jumping from crater or cliff which suddenly appears in the center of the city! Don’t just keep reading, watch it right here!

How did you find it???

Eminem Is Coming Back!!!!

It has been almost 4 years now that Eminememinem is  out of the scene and guess what????

Shady is returning back with his new album soon this year. All these years he has undergone many inconvenient situations and he will spit out all his emotions, anger and feelings with the release of his new album and the world will once again listen to his emotions in a Hip-Hop style.

Well I can’t say what the name of his new album is and anything about its release date, but I assure you that I’ll blog about it as soon as I know about it.

Man!! I am waiting anxiously to listen to the new Shady after soooooo long!!