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Happy New Year!! Lots Ahead!


Well! As the new year is here, there are lot and lots of stuffs to look forward to!

Starting with the most awaited movies of all time…


Friday The 13th (Remake)


G.I Joe The Movie!


Eminem’s next album after 5 years!


Backstreet Boy’s Next album…


Linkin Parks Next Album!


And there are many many more like these! Want to know about any of these or other than these? Just ask!!!!

Happy New Year to you all again!


Dragon Ball Live More News!!!


It has been a while since I’ve written something on the live action flick, and during this, there have been a few small and big news related to the movie! And if you people have not been following the dbthemovie.com site, then here they are!

The first one is that, Fox is planning to change the title of the movie from simply “Dragon Ball – The Movie” to “Dragon Ball Evolution”! I don’t know if they are going to implement that plan.

The second news……. Well! This has been the wish of all the fans of live action! The trailer will be coming out on the 18th of December. But for now, the wish has been granted only for the Japanese fans, i.e., the trailer will be released only in Japan as on now. Don’t worry! Someone or the other will leak it on the internet!

Now this one is the latest news… dbthemovie.com has got Bulma’s (Emmy Rossum’s) interview. Here it is…


Have you seen the movie?
No, but I saw rushes (film with VFX and sound effects unfinished).

What scene were you impressed with?
Kamehameha! I’m sure you can enjoy various action scenes like Goku vs. Piccolo.

Is it an action movie?
It is an action adventure movie and there is a little comedy element, as with the original “Dragonball.” Although it has intense action, it is a movie everyone can enjoy.

How do you interpret the character of Bulma?
For me, Bulma is a intellectual scientist and a strong women. I knew Dragonball a little because the animation aired in the mornings on the weekend in the U.S. However, when I got this role, I wanted to know her more so I studied by seeing the anime again and reading the comic.

Did you know the popularity (of Dragonball)?
It may not be as popular as it is in Japan, but it’s popular in the U.S. too. I feel the responsibility to fans both in Japan and the U.S.

Did you enjoy action scenes?
Of course. About 90% I performed for myself without a stunt double. I learned martial arts and I rode a motor bike, although I had never ridden one before, so I had to train hard for this role.

Weren’t you injured?
I’m not injured but I made a lot of bruises. The hairstyle of Bulma is the ponytail at a high position so it became a very good cushion when I turned over or fell down (laugh).

So? What do you fans feel about all this? The new title, the trailer and the interview?

Thanks to dbthemovie.com.

Dragon Ball Live New Promotional Pics Leaked

People!! More promotional pics of our most awaited movie have been leaked again!! Thanks to dbthemovie.com, I am able to post them here on my blog. Here they are!….

Look at Roshi’s T-Shirt inside! It has got an anime girl on it!

Hot Bulma!

Goku (Chatwin) doing what he likes to do the most!! EATING!!

Piccolo before transformation into greener colour Piccolo!

So!? What do you think about this!!!

Thanks to dbthemovie.com for the leaked images.

Dragon Ball Live Pre Screening!

Yup! 20th Century Fox is working very hard to make this one a big one!

They are holding a contest in Barcelona for a Special Pre Screening of the live action! I don’t know how many of you understood what is written in the pic above, but here is what it means

“Release date is April 2009. Feel the Vital Energy. Win your very own pre-screening of the film. Kamehameha!” This was given on the site dbthemovie.com.

It feels great to learn that Fox is trying to make DB live actiona huge success. According to dbthemovie.com, no other promotional stuffs were found at the site.

Dragonball Live Pre -Release Review

Well I don’t know how many of you know this, but last week, dbthemovie.com got a pre release movie review on the Dragonball Live Action Movie. The person who gave the pre release review did not disclose his/her true identity, but mentioned that he could be called “Don”. Here is what “Don” said about the movie in short…(includes all the important and cool info out of a very lengthy review)

Good Points:-

1) A Very good action sequence! With a very hot fight between goku and Piccolo at the end of the movie. The fight between them is for about 13-15 minutes.

2)Piccolo turns light green towards the end of the movie. It must be some kind of transformation. It also means that, he retains his original dark green self from the anime series.

3) Justin did an excellent Goku! He also mentioned that Goku turns into an 8-9 feet tall Ozaru in the movie!

4) Good fight between Goku and Yamcha! Joon Park did a good job as Yamcha.

Well there were few negatives too, that even dissapointed me!

1) Major drawback:- Sheneron not shown completely. Head is hidden in the clowds. (well, this one could be fake coz, the same thing was shown in one of the fan made trailors on youtube)

2)Chi-Chi not performed well!

Don’t know, if all this is true or not, but I had to post it for all my Dragonball Live Action Fan readers.

You can read the full review over here.

Dragonball Movie Clip Out !!

A 16 seconds video clip of the Live Action Dragon Ball movie was shown in the NHK Special which is aired in Japan. The video shows the Goku taking a four starred dragon ball out from a box and in another scene he is taking his orange clothes out of a suitcase. Very short, but very good for hard core db fans!

Watch it now!!

What do you think about the clip ?

Thanks to dbthemovie.com for the info.

Update:- It seems that there was some kind of problem with the video, so dbthemovie.com has provided with a mirror video. Here it is…

UPDATE:- Sorry, but even the mirror video has now been removed by youtube since they are not to be leaked online!