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AJ McLean New Video Single “Teenage Wildlife”

Oh yeah! The rockstar from the Backstreet Boys has finally released his first video single from his solo debut album “Have It All”!

The video has been picturised on the song named “Teenage Wildlife”, which is an awesome dance song! The video starts as AJ with some of his friends looks for his love, and AJ’s love happens to be someone who is in a wild creature’s outfit (maybe that’s why they have named the song “Teenage Wildlife”)! So, in search of his love, AJ and his friends enter into a club which is full of people in suits of wild animals . AJ, after half of the song finally finds his love and to his surprise finds another ‘wild creature’ who also loves that same girl, with whom AJ is in love with and he challenges AJ to a dance battle!

Now, I think it would be better if you actually watch the video and see how the story ends. It is a different kind of music video but it always feels great to see AJ dance to awesome music and beets like in this song! So, get ready to get pumped up!

So, what do you think about it???


AJ Mclean’s Solo Album

The Backstreet Boy AJ Mclean’s album is coming out next month and a lot of buzz can be seen among the fans discussing about the album. Well that’s sure to happen!!

According to wikipedia, the album may be named “Kinky Advice” or “RMWD” for “Real Men Wear Dresses” and it is also heard that is the album is named “RMWD”, AJ will be wearing a dress or a frock for the album cover. He has said that his album has got all that punk-rock songs, which have been missed by all the fans in the last two albums of BSB.

He is pretty much confident about the album and assures the fans that they will for sure enjoy the songs. He had given a live performance of a few song from his new album a few weeks ago which gives us an idea of how the album could be. I liked it!

Watch them now!

So ? Did you like them ?

AJ McLean’s Solo Album




The Backstreet Boy, AJ McLean has almost completed recording his first solo album and is obviously pretty much excited about it too. His manager was quoted saying about AJ that,”After 13 years with the Backstreet Boys, and 75 million records sold worldwide, A.J.’s excited to take a step out on his own and present his music, in his style. He’s excited to connect to his fans on a one-on-one basis at smaller venues – something you can’t do in large arenas – and to give them a taste of some of the music that will appear on his first solo record later this year.”

He is also recording for the Backstreet Boys’s next album as was mentioned in one of my previous posts.

Some of the songs of his solo album are :-

1) What If

2) I Hate It When You’re Gone

3) London

I’ll post the rest of the tracks names of his solo album as soon as I get some reliable information on it.

So? Are you looking forward to his first solo album? I am! Best Of Luck to our Backstreet Boy – AJ McLean!!

Backstreet Boys working on their next album




The boys have started working on their next album according to sources. Well, “Unbreakable” was extremely good and got more recognition than “Never Gone”, so we can just hope that their next album does much much more than Unbreakable, and breaks all the records.

AJ Mclean has announced that his solo album will be releasing this year and even Howie Dorough’s solo will release.

BSB member Nick Carter said that inspite of being busy with their solo albums, the members are concentrating harder on their group album.

Sources have said that the band might work with pop producer Max Martin, who was the producer of BSB’s hits like “I Want It That Way” and “Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely.”

The band has still got the space open for Kevin Richardson and would only be happy to have him back in the band.