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Thought Man of Steel was Awesome? Think Again!!! Sequel News!


Do I seriously have to say anything more? Come 2015, the Man of Steel is going to get even more stronger and what you see in the pic above is going to be the highlight of the movie. Yes!!! Batman is going to be in the movie. It was announced at Comic Con and the crowd, it shouldn’t come as a surprise, went CRAZY!

Watch the Comic Con announcement right here!

According to reports, Christopher Nolan would be producing the sequel, which just adds to the excitement all together. The only kicker here is that  Christian Bale won’t be returning as Batman. Well going by the storyline it does make sense, but it would have been amazing to have Dark Knight going along side Man of Steel. All we can do now is wait.



Its raining Trailers all the way!!!

Ever since I wrote a post on the new trailer of “The Amazing Spider-Man”, some or the other movie with awesome trailer has been coming up… and for some reason, the idea of putting up a post for just a single trailer every time dint feel right. So I thought of waiting a while before making a post so that I can write about 2-3 movies together and guess what? I ended up getting a trailers for 8 movies and even a small clipping from a certain movie! By the looks of it, this year has lots and lots of freakingly awesome movies to hit the big screen! And here they are…

1) Seeking a friend for the end of the world

I am expecting an anti-climax for this one. Don’t know what you feel about this movie, but I surely am looking forward to watch this flick!

2) John Carter

3) Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

4) G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation

5) Marvel Avengers Assemble

Warning! Watching this trailer might not prove good for your health! It has a serious amount of awesomeness in it! Can cause hyper excitement!!!

6) Despicable Me 2

The first one was really nice! And those minions… not only are they really funny and cute, they also played a major role in the success of the first flick! And here they are… coming back again!

7) The Bourne Legacy

and… saving the best for the last…

8) The Dark Knight Rises

I’m sure most of you might have already seen this, but still, any post on upcoming movies would be incomplete without mentioning “The Dark Knight Rises”!

And here is the clipping from the movie, “The Hunger Games”, another flick, which is high on the must watch list of this year!

So… which is the movie that you can’t wait to watch???

Batman Dies!!!


For those of you Batman fans, who don’t know about this, this post could be a shock of your lifetime!!

The legendary superhero Batman (Bruce Wayne) died in the one of the latest issue of the comic series titled “Batman RIP”. The character had made his first appearance in this world in 1939 and had been going on since then! Well, this statement can no longer hold true coz, the hero has met his sad demise!

It goes like this… Hurt, the villain, shoots Batman and tries to escape in his helicopter! But even after being wounded, the hero jumps towards the copter, resulting it to crash! The comic doesn’t show Batman’s body after that. But they have planned to show him dead officially in the next volume. This could even mean that, the movie series of the same character may also end the series with the death of the character after 2-3 more installments!

The comic series reportedly is not going to end just yet! They plan to continue it with a few more volumes. This could even mean that, the character might have a GRAND COME BACK!!! And that is one thing, which is going to be great, if at all it happens. And now, Batman’s position as the crime fighter of Gotham City will be taken over by none other than, Robin, now Nightwing!


So? How do you people feel about this?

Batman 3 : Guess What’s Coming !!



The block buster movie and one of the fastest and the top grosser ever is going to have its third installment to the series. Before the release of the second one, the crew had already started working on the third movie’s story line.

Joker was suppose to come back in the third movie, but due to Heath Ledger’s death, the idea has now been dropped. Sad…. He was “THE” best actor to play Joker till now.


One of the roles that has been heard as strong rumor for the third movie is none other than “Johnny Depp” as “The Riddler”. Isn’t that exciting ? Man! Bale and Depp together in one movie. Gonna Rock!!! I don’t like Riddler as a character even in the comic, but who knows, Depp may take the character to a whole new level !

And one more person who may be introduced in the movie, if we go according to the novel is, Batman’s side-kick, one and only, “Robin”. All we can do is wait…. and wait…. and wait.

Did you know that, Christian Bale may not be acting in any of the Batman movies after the third one as per sources. It was even rumored that he won’t be acting even in the third movie. But, as I said, they were just rumors. He said that he would love to act in the third movie of the series but everything is in the director’s and producer’s hands.

Man!! I don’t think that any other actor can act Batman as good as Christian Bale.

What are your thoughts on all this ? ? ?

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