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BSB & NKOTB On One Stage!!!

Is this BIG or what! Two of the biggest bands of all time, New Kids On The Block, which started it all and The Backstreet Boys, who redefined the world-wide music with one after another smashing hits joining forces and appearing all together on one single stage!

I am damn sure that this concert is gonna create history and break records! This has already started showing impact on the Backstreet Boys as they have been trending worldwide everyday on twitter!

The Backstreet Boys had reunited with their 5th group member Kevin Richardson recently for the Farewell season of Oprah Winfrey show as one of the all time teen heart throbs!

Here is the official promo from the official combo tour website http://www.nkotbsb.com/ !

For the latest updates, you can follow @nkotbsb on Twitter!

So! How do you all find this!



Backstreet Boys – This Is Us – Album Review


The Boys are finally back after 2 years, since the release of there last album “Unbreakable”. With this album, they have gone back to where the legacy started. They have used the music style, on which their album before the hiatus which ended up becoming the best sellers ever! Their new album “This Is Us” is out and the buzz shows that the Backstreet craze is back! We are here to see if the album lives to the buzz!

The album contains of the following tracks:-

1) Straight Through My Heart (Soldier Down)

2) Bigger

3) Bye Bye Love

4) All Of Your Life (You Need Love)

5) If I Knew Then

6) This Is Us

7) PDA

8 ) Masquerade

9) She’s A Dream

10) Shattered

11) Undone

12) Helpless (Ft. Pitbull)

Bonus Tracks

13) International Luv

14) Straight Through My Heart (Jason Nevins Mixshow Remix)

15) Trouble (Taiwan Bonus track)

Leaked Tracks

16) Hologram

17) Fallen Angel

Now on with the review…

The album kicks off with the first hit single “Straight Through My Heart”! The song is a really hip-sync-pop number composed by RedOne. It has all the things needed to be a club hit. Their voices are perfectly synced, blending nicely with the lyrics and the beats! “Bigger” is the second song in the album and is the next video single from the album. The song is really amazing. Some other dance RnB style songs are “Bye Bye Love”, “All Of Your Life (You Need Love)”, Masquerade etc! All of ’em are simply awesome! “If Knew Then” is an RnB song, which is sung so brilliantly by the boys, that is automatically makes you feet tap to the beets!

“PDA” is another song, which has grabbed instant attention of the listeners! It is a completely different song that you’ve ever heard from the boys, with cheesy lines like “kissing and touching with my hands all over your booty”! The boys sound damn brilliant!

Then there are some heart touching songs like “Shattered” and “Undone”, both of which are really amazing! “Shattered” just stands out!! Its one of my favs! The title track “This Is Us” was criticized a bit saying that the boys repeat the same three words many times! Come On! The song is really really good! The music has such an awesome soothing tune which takes you to an entirely different world! “She’s A Dream” is the song, which all the four of the boys have composed together with T-Pain! The song starts with “hoo-haa” which at first makes us feel as if it were a dance song, but turns out to be silent song instead!

The only song which I didn’t find as good as the rest of the songs is “International Luv”, which is a Bonus Track! Wait… I didn’t say that the song is bad! What I am saying is that the song isn’t as good as the rest of the songs, but it is good.

Well… I am also going to write a few words about the leaked songs coz I just couldn’t get enough of the boys! To start with this section, I’ll like to begin with “Hologram”! It is such a brilliant piece of talent! The only reason for the song not being able to make to the final version of the album is the fan reviews about the leaked songs before the album was release! Before the song was finalized, people started criticizing the song and now after listening to the final version, they are regretting what they did! Another leaked song is “Fallen Angel”. I don’t have any idea why this song was not included in the album myself. The song is really good with really awesome lyrics.

I would rate the album :-

4.5/5 (Brilliant)

What do you think about the album?

Backstreet Boys – Straight Through My Heart – Review (Guest Post)

004 bvc

The boys have at last come together for the new album “This Is Us” which is an incredible album. Take my word for it. I’ve been listening to the album continuously since I laid my hands on it. But I’m not here to talk about the album or review the album, the review is going to be published by the author of this blog in a few days. Maybe we’ll do a combined post.

Hmm. Back to this post … I’m here to talk about the album’s 1st single – “Straight Through My Heart” video.

Although the song didn’t make much impact in the US it’s a great hit everywhere else with everyone praising it for the cool lyrics and style. Them the video was released and everyone was like – “What the fuc* was that?”, “What’s going on?”, “This doesn’t make any sense”, “bad” and so on.

OK… I admit it, the first time I viewed it, I was confused and not at all impressed. It all felt wrong, like there were lots of loose strings and gaps.

What you’ve got to understand here is in this video they’ve tried to fm things line old times. Remember “Everybody”, “The Call”. Those videos were incredible. The boys weren’t just singing, there was story in the video, it was fun and the dance moves were good.

In the last two albums the videos were good, synced with the songs very nicely but they were not his or fun (nor was the music). So in the latest video, there is a bit of “Everybody”, a bit of “The Call”, and “Inconsolable”… This combination provided you understood the video is pretty good.

This video has got “the singing”, “the dance”, a cool theme (read vampire), and a little bit story too.

I’ll not bla, bla more … Here’s the explanation –

“At the beginning, the introduction describes BSB as the Daywalker (a kind of Vampire Hunter). But in some other Movies, we see that Daywalker are the guys who have ½ human and ½ Vampire blood and they stand by human side to against Vampire. They got Vampire strength and are not burned by the sunshine like human. That’s why at the end BSB show their big eyeteeth and blood eyes.

At the middle of the video, the Vampire girl goes hunting at the nightclub. After chose the prey which is the blond girl, she begins the hunt. Unfortunately our Hunters already ambushed her in the guises of the club singers. At the edge of the hunt, suddenly water in the roof pours down (this part should be understood as Holy Water which scares Vampire). Then the Vampire girl feels confused, lose control, dizzy. At that time, Nick reaches a hand to her. She thought that he is trying to help her out of this crisis. And BSB has ½ Vampire blood so she thought they were friends. In a stifling space with blood red light and Holy Water is pouring down, she had no resistance never mind Nick was guiding her to another place. Brian, Howie and Aj covered behind. They clocked doors to block way behind. Nick exploited the confuse of her, then throw her out of the room which the sun is rising. BOOM! DONE! Vampire girl died! BSB stepped out calmly full of pride with eyeteeth and blood eyes under the sun. Mission complete!”

Now watch the video here, you’ll like it.

Check back in a few days time to read the “Backstreet Boys – This Is Us” album review.

Thank You

This guest post is written by vinitneo who is the author of Technology/Entertainment blog – GeekTech.

Backstreet’s Back To The Studio!!! And More New About Them!


Yes Sir! The boys are at it again!!!

Man! Am sooooo excited top post this as they are “THE” most wonderful and ever rocking band ever if you ask me!!!

So, after long thirteen long months touring round the world promoting their last album “Unbreakable” they are back to the studio recording new tracks!

They have already made a few songs and here is where you can get a little part of their new song called”PDA”!

And in the meanwhile, Howie Dorough had his first baby boy and has named the new “Backstreet Boy” James. James was born on the 6th of this month(May)! Howie says that the name was suggested by AJ Mclean!

BSB now, not only has an official web site, they are there on Facebook, MySpace, Say Now, iLike , Backstreet Blog, Youtube Channel and the most important and happening of all…….Twitter!

Here I’ve given links to there web sites along with a pic of the same! And ya! Don’t forget to follow them on twitter!! They are really cool and funny at times!

The Backstreet Blog!




Youtube Channel!

youtube(Don’t mind that guy’s pic in the video! He’s a BSB fan asking some question to BSB!)

And here is where they welcome all their fans to their official youtube channel!





If you are a BSB fan like me, you would never wanna miss them out on Twitter!

Like they once said in their song “Everybody”…

“As long as there’ll be music, we’ll be coming Back again!!!”

Just can’t wait for their next album! Can you?

BSB’s Unreleased Song Now Out!


A song, which was not included or rather removed by the boys from their last album “Unbreakable”, is now out. Well, personally I liked it. More than 90% of the song is sung by Nick Carter and only the chorus part is sung by the rest of he boys.

Want to listen??

Another video was released for the song “Helpless When She Smiles” from the same album a few weeks ago. No doubt about it that the video is cool.

Watch it now…

AJ McLean’s Solo Album




The Backstreet Boy, AJ McLean has almost completed recording his first solo album and is obviously pretty much excited about it too. His manager was quoted saying about AJ that,”After 13 years with the Backstreet Boys, and 75 million records sold worldwide, A.J.’s excited to take a step out on his own and present his music, in his style. He’s excited to connect to his fans on a one-on-one basis at smaller venues – something you can’t do in large arenas – and to give them a taste of some of the music that will appear on his first solo record later this year.”

He is also recording for the Backstreet Boys’s next album as was mentioned in one of my previous posts.

Some of the songs of his solo album are :-

1) What If

2) I Hate It When You’re Gone

3) London

I’ll post the rest of the tracks names of his solo album as soon as I get some reliable information on it.

So? Are you looking forward to his first solo album? I am! Best Of Luck to our Backstreet Boy – AJ McLean!!

Backstreet Boys working on their next album




The boys have started working on their next album according to sources. Well, “Unbreakable” was extremely good and got more recognition than “Never Gone”, so we can just hope that their next album does much much more than Unbreakable, and breaks all the records.

AJ Mclean has announced that his solo album will be releasing this year and even Howie Dorough’s solo will release.

BSB member Nick Carter said that inspite of being busy with their solo albums, the members are concentrating harder on their group album.

Sources have said that the band might work with pop producer Max Martin, who was the producer of BSB’s hits like “I Want It That Way” and “Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely.”

The band has still got the space open for Kevin Richardson and would only be happy to have him back in the band.