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Dragonball Live Pre -Release Review

Well I don’t know how many of you know this, but last week, dbthemovie.com got a pre release movie review on the Dragonball Live Action Movie. The person who gave the pre release review did not disclose his/her true identity, but mentioned that he could be called “Don”. Here is what “Don” said about the movie in short…(includes all the important and cool info out of a very lengthy review)

Good Points:-

1) A Very good action sequence! With a very hot fight between goku and Piccolo at the end of the movie. The fight between them is for about 13-15 minutes.

2)Piccolo turns light green towards the end of the movie. It must be some kind of transformation. It also means that, he retains his original dark green self from the anime series.

3) Justin did an excellent Goku! He also mentioned that Goku turns into an 8-9 feet tall Ozaru in the movie!

4) Good fight between Goku and Yamcha! Joon Park did a good job as Yamcha.

Well there were few negatives too, that even dissapointed me!

1) Major drawback:- Sheneron not shown completely. Head is hidden in the clowds. (well, this one could be fake coz, the same thing was shown in one of the fan made trailors on youtube)

2)Chi-Chi not performed well!

Don’t know, if all this is true or not, but I had to post it for all my Dragonball Live Action Fan readers.

You can read the full review over here.


Dragonball Movie Clip Out !!

A 16 seconds video clip of the Live Action Dragon Ball movie was shown in the NHK Special which is aired in Japan. The video shows the Goku taking a four starred dragon ball out from a box and in another scene he is taking his orange clothes out of a suitcase. Very short, but very good for hard core db fans!

Watch it now!!

What do you think about the clip ?

Thanks to dbthemovie.com for the info.

Update:- It seems that there was some kind of problem with the video, so dbthemovie.com has provided with a mirror video. Here it is…

UPDATE:- Sorry, but even the mirror video has now been removed by youtube since they are not to be leaked online!

Dragonball – Live Action Trailer In Good Quality And With Audio

The trailer/teaser which I had posted yesterday is now out in good quality and with audio. The previous was taken using a video camera, but this doesn’t seem to look as if it were taken using a camera. This is not the theatrical view of the trailer. That is going to be different from this.

Well, the video couldn’t be added to the post, so you would have to click on the link provided below to view it.


There are two trailers. One is short and the other one is slightly longer. I hope you enjoy!!

Click here to view the trailer.

I liked it! Did you ??

Some screen shots were also inserted in the official web site of the movie, “dbthemovie.com

Update :- Since, something was wrong with the link to the trailers I gave before, I’ve given direct links to the “dbthemovie.com” where the teaser trailer is present. Will try to get the high quality trailers and post them as soon as possible.

Dragonball Teaser/Trailer Leaked !!!

After such a long long long wait, the teaser/trailer has finally been leaked out. It was actually shown at Brand Licencing Europe. The only problem is that, since it was shot using a video camera, it doesn’t have any audio and the video quality is poor, but as on now, THE best!!

Enough with all the reading, WATCH IT RIGHT NOW!!!!!


What are your thoughts on the trailer??

Thanks to dbthemovie.com for the info.