Hey fellas!

I am Vineet S. in the real world and ‘vineetnov’ or ‘vineetnove’ on the internet! I am a simple guy with not so simple ideas about various stuffs that I come across! By stuffs I mean movies, musics, animes, celebrities and am not including anything related to my personal life in it!

So, via this blog I try to put up my views on various ‘stuffs’. And if you (my readers) want to know anything about any ‘stuff’, then just go ahead… and comment about it, so that I know what you want and I  can keep you all updated about the ‘stuffs’ you are interested in!

So, I hope you all would enjoy reading about ‘stuffs’, listening to some ‘stuffs’ and watching some other ‘stuffs’ on my blog! 😛


Vineet S.


8 thoughts on “About”

  1. When i really like whatever you post here. Rather useful in addition to smart. Just one problem though. I’m running Opera having Debian in addition to elements of this present layout portions undoubtedly are a very little wonky. When i understand it’s an excellent usual established. Yet it’s something to help keep in mind. When i hope so it will guide in addition to continue to keep up the major excellent publishing.

  2. Rather superior posting. We just discovered ones site in addition to wanted to help declare of which We have seriously enjoyed analyzing ones webpage in addition to discussions. Anyways I’ll possibly be subscribing ones give in addition to When i wish to help study ones webpage once again.

  3. what ever you posted till now is really good especially the way you putting up your ideas and the content that you had chosen simply superb. I’m very very impressed with your blog bro . don’t stop keep on updating, i wish u ALL THE BEST

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