Furious 7!!! Looks More Furious Than Ever!


The road to Fast & Furious 7 has finally brought us to the 7th installment of the multi-million dollar franchise. The trailer to the movie which was actually slated for a release this year (2014), but due to the unfortunate passing away of the co-lead actor “Paul Walker” last year, who plays the character ‘Brian O’Conner’, has been postponed to 2015 release.

Now, I am a totally crazy fan of the Fast & Furious series, which seems to get intenser and intenser by the installment. I am also a huge fan of the late actor Paul Walker, without whom not a single movie would feel complete, Vin Diesel and Dwane ‘The Rock’ Johnson, so don’t expect any criticism what so ever in this post. And just in-case the fans thought that the franchise isn’t that star studded already, they throw in Jason Statham to the recipe! There is just no stopping these guys! And this is just the trailer, I can’t even start to wonder what the movie has in hold. The background score is well, how should I put it… just #dontdaretolistenwithoutheadsetssurroundsoundorintheatre awesome!!! Yeah go figure!

Just when you thought that you have seen it all and what more can they do, they throw the trailer on our faces and leave our jaws dug deep in the ground!

Well instead of jabbering here about it, I’d rather let you watch the trailer right here, eventhough I am pretty sure most of you have already seen it considering 4,402,978  views just hours after its release on YouTube!

Can’t wait for the movie to blow the theaters!


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