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Dragonball Live Promotional Stuffs Coming Soon! – Fox



Man! I should make this blog a fully Dragonball Live dedicated blog instead of other movies and musics. So many news about DB Live that can’t resist posting them here.

Many of us were sad to learn that DB trailor won’t be released with Max Payne this month. But now, it seems that there are many new things to look forward to. Starting with a new trailor and other promotional stuffs which will commence along with the release of the trailor may in december.

The movie’s web site, dbthemovie.com has got some description about the upcoming promotional stuffs.

This is an interview, which was posted at the same site regarding the promotions of the movie..

1. When will promotion for the film Dragonball officially begin and what can we expect?

Promotion will truly begin when we launch the official trailer. Expect to see plenty of TV spots and action closer to the release. This is typical with any campaign. The fans will really feel the promotion of the movie to begin by the end of the year and will be promoted at many targeted events in 2009.

2. A Junior Novel and Video Game have been confirmed. Any other possible merchandise? Maybe a TV spin off or new comic series?

Currently could not be answered, hopefully they will get back to me on this.

3. There has been a rumor going around that the sequel to this film will begin filming in the first quarter of 2009. Any truth to this?

There is no news on a sequel just yet. We tend to wait out and see how the initial film does and if sequels can be financed.

4. How reliant is this film on visual effects? Is the majority of the money going towards CGI (such as cities, fight scenes, etc.)?

There will be a lot of amazing effects and yes.

5. How would you compare the official trailer that releases later this year to the teaser that was shown during the licensing expo?

I am told the trailer will be different. That piece didn’t portray enough energy, so it wasn’t really reflective of the full feature. It was intended to show the look of some elements for L&M purposes, and to introduce some characters to those people. The L&M piece didn’t showcase the hard-core action that the film will offer, but the trailer will.

Well…. This shows how hard the Fox people are working to live up to the DB fans’ expectations.

Thanks to dbthemovie.com for the interview.


No Dragonball Live Action Trailer With Max Payne


This is one the most saddening news I’ve ever posted on my blog.

The trailer, which was going to be released with the movie “Max Payne” on the 17th of this month, has now been canceled.  Fox says that, the special effects in the movie are yet to be completed and that they the trailer will be released a little later this year. They have even asked the fan site of the same to remove the leaked trailer, just because they were only meant for the brand licensing and not for online publishing.

They have not said the fan sites to do so in a rude manner, but in an extremely polite manner.

I was sad when I read the news, but then everything happens for something good. We can now think that the trailer will be much better than what we have seen before. So, instead of being sad, we should be much more excited for the trailer which will be released with more special effects.

You can read the request to remove the trailers here.

Thanks to dbthemovie.com for the news.

Dragonball – Live Action Trailer In Good Quality And With Audio

The trailer/teaser which I had posted yesterday is now out in good quality and with audio. The previous was taken using a video camera, but this doesn’t seem to look as if it were taken using a camera. This is not the theatrical view of the trailer. That is going to be different from this.

Well, the video couldn’t be added to the post, so you would have to click on the link provided below to view it.


There are two trailers. One is short and the other one is slightly longer. I hope you enjoy!!

Click here to view the trailer.

I liked it! Did you ??

Some screen shots were also inserted in the official web site of the movie, “dbthemovie.com

Update :- Since, something was wrong with the link to the trailers I gave before, I’ve given direct links to the “dbthemovie.com” where the teaser trailer is present. Will try to get the high quality trailers and post them as soon as possible.

Dragonball Teaser/Trailer Leaked !!!

After such a long long long wait, the teaser/trailer has finally been leaked out. It was actually shown at Brand Licencing Europe. The only problem is that, since it was shot using a video camera, it doesn’t have any audio and the video quality is poor, but as on now, THE best!!

Enough with all the reading, WATCH IT RIGHT NOW!!!!!


What are your thoughts on the trailer??

Thanks to dbthemovie.com for the info.