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Guilty All the Same (feat. Rakim) – Linkin Park



Linkin Park is coming back with a new single and hopefully a new album soon. The new single or probably just a song that the band has released on YouTube is a lyrics video named “Guilty All the Same” featuring Rakim. Having Rakim feature on a track itself would make the song heavy-duty lyrics, but listening to the music style  to me gave a hint of “Minutes to Midnight” album’s touch to it, with more live instruments and less digital tones, the kind that were used in “A Thousand Suns” and “Living Things”.

Many feel that Linkin Park is trying to go back its basics, but you never know, which new style of music is hidden up the sleeves of the band.

Listen to the song right here and decide what you feel about it.


Linkin Park has Lies, Greed and Misery!!!


“I wanna see you choke on your lies… Swallow up your pride… Suffer all alone in your misery“. This is how the lyrics of the song goes!

The song is pretty good! The band claims that with this album,  it is trying to go back to its roots and get back to its ‘Hybrid Theory’ and ‘Meteora’  self, but I feel that it is going towards a totally different style. This song in some ways is like their song from the last album “A Thousand Suns”, named ‘Wretches and Kings’.

The song starts off with Mike Shinoda’s rap supported by awesome beats in the background. And then comes in Chester in his trade mark style with the main verse. The digital mix is superb, which just melts with the music and the voices of  Bennington and Shinoda. I feel that instead of seeing the band returning to its earlier style, we might actually see the dawning of an entirely new style of LP with this album and which might actually be accepted by the so-called “hardcore” fans too. I never had any issues with the last two albums, when they were criticized by the same “hardcore” fans saying that “Linkin Park is no more Linkin Park”… no offences meant. Well this time, the band might actually have its old fans coming back.

Give the song a shot right here and decide for yourself if Linkin Park is “Back” or not!!!

So, what do you feel?

Linkin Park’s New Single “Burn It Down” – Review!!!


The band had recently announced that they would be releasing a new single named “Burn It Down” and its finally out! The song is good! Not the “really awesome types” good that Linkin Park is actually capable of, but still good. The song has lots and lots of digital sounds in it, which at times makes sound like a pop song, but then the rock part comes in, which reminds us “oh yeah…Linkin Park…Rock…right!!”. It mostly reminds me of their single for Transformers 2, “New Divide”, the way Chester sings his part, the way the music goes and all.

Well there were quite a lot speculations going around about how the album would be, but this song makes me feel that they have stuck to there “A Thousand Suns” kind of style, i.e. with more meaning in the lyrics and lots of digital music in the background.

The song is all about how people try build up things and try live upto their own and other’s expectations, but then eventually, they themselves end up destroying what they have built, as the lyrics go “We’re building it up, to break it back down… we’re building it up, to burn it down…we can’t wait to burn it to the ground”.

The music video to the song will be out soon, though the official lyric video got released on YouTube just today(16th April, 2012). Here is the lyric video…

The album is named “Living Things” and it would be coming out on the 26th of June, 2012. And here is the song for iTunes download.

And here is the track-list of the album:


So what are your thoughts on the song and expectations from the album???

Stranded on an Island? Albums to Keep Yourself in Senses!!!

So, here is the idea… you go out with your friends on a ship to visit an island in some god forsaken corner of the planet Earth. You, being all adventurous kind of a person, head out into the far depth of the island all by yourself, without carrying your cellphone with you. Now, it has been almost over a day that you thought of yourself being Indiana Jones into the island, and the rest of the crew decides to leave and continue their trip or head back to civilization and most important of all… they forget that you are no where close to them. Now, in such a case, (forget about food, shelter and clothing. Consider you have enough of all of that and happen to find an abandoned tent to stay in) what are the albums that you should have to stay in your senses??? Think it sounds stupid? Wait till you get into such scenario and hope “Dude… Why the hell didn’t I read that post completely!!? Darn it!” and slap yourself left and right! Well… worry not… En-Fiesta comes to your rescue! Here is a list of the albums that I personally think should help anyone stay in his/her senses!

1) Eminem – The Marshall Mathers LP

The album that changed the face of Hip-Hop and helped Eminem take a step further towards becoming the King of rap he is today! Tracks that say different stories of the rapper’s life, some funny, some serious, some raging, and of course…some obscene, not only make this album one of the best that Eminem has released in his career so far but also a must have album for anyone who knows what rap is or even for those who don’t know what rap is!

2) Linkin Park – Meteora

The second studio album of the rock band Linkin Park, which sounded as if the band was saying, “Dude… We know how it is to be done!”…And boy did that work! Each track in the album is a killer one. You listen to one track, you think “Gosh this is the best one”, and then you go on to the next track and you think “Wait-a-minute…even this is the best track”, and this goes on till the last track of the album!

3) Backstreet Boys – Unbreakable

A really fabulous album that went severely unnoticed. The sixth studio album from the boy-band is literally a lyrical bomb. The album has everything, from club banger “Everything But Mine” to adult contemporary “Helpless When She Smiles” to pop rock “Any Other Way” to soul touching songs like “Unmistakable” and each of them with awesome lyrics. The album would come in handy whenever you start missing your loved ones back at your home. The album has everything for every mood that a normal human being could possibly have.

4) Michael Jackson – Number Ones

Seriously! Do you really want me to describe about this now? I mean… the greatest hits collection from the (and when I say ‘the’, I mean “THE”) King of Pop doesn’t need any thing being said for it…does it now? So don’t you dare forget this one!

5) Now this could be anything that you want… I mean…you should have your own current favorites with you too right? So this could be anything right from Cold Play to John Mayor to Gaga(Boy do I hate her! You would never find even a single song of her’s in my playlist EVER! Don’t ask reasons.) to Bruno Mars to James Blunt to anyone! Well If I were you, I would select one from either Cold Play or John Mayor or maybe both… coz the remaining genres get covered by the first four from the list.

This is what I would have with me, in case such kind of a situation comes up. I am pretty sure that these should be more than sufficient for you to survive in an island all alone. Well problem could arise if your battery runs out and you don’t have a spare one to replace it with.

Some of you might have different opinions regarding some of the albums that I have recommended here. Do feel free to suggest me about some other albums that you think would be a better fit in such a case.

Linkin Park & Bad Meets Evil!!! 2 New Singles!!!

Linkin Park just released its third single from the album “A Thousand Suns” named “Iridescent”. Well the single has actually been used for the third installment of the blockbuster triology “Transformers”, “The Dark of the Moon”. The video of course has scenes from the flick and I personally found this video better than the previous two singles from the same album. Some minor changes have also been made in the song for the video specifically. Here is the video…

There is one more single that is out and is building quite an amount of heat… well why wouldn’t it, when you have two of the most talented rappers ever including Royce da 5″9 and the rap legend himself Eminem. The duo have come together after almost over a decade. They have done a couple of rap songs in the past like “Scary Movie”, “Bad Meets Evil”, etc. This time they have teamed up for good and are at the verge of releasing an entire album titled “Hell: The Sequel”. The first single from the album “Fastlane”, just came out and boy… is it awesome. The song is fabulous and the video just adds to its awesomeness. It is funny and cool at the same time. I myself have seen the video more than 20 times already! Here it is…

So… How do you find them???

Linkin Park – A Thousand Suns (Late Review) !!!

I know that it has been  pretty while since the album got out, but I just wanted to do this… so here it is!

The album got lots and lots of criticisms from many fans and critics, but in my opinion, the new album just ROCKS! It shows an entirely new side of Linkin Park! The style of songs is completely different… or should I say that LP has gotten a lot serious! Some of the songs make them sound like a boy band and some others seem as if they are singing a Coldplay song.

The album starts with the song named “The Requiem”, which is the intro to the album and is totally superb. Then comes “The Radiance”, which has a dialogue, describing how the world would change because of everything that is going around, giving a serious start to the album.

Next is the song, which is actually a song afer two short tracks, named “Burning In The Skies”. It is an okay sort of song, not all that great.

Then is “Empty Spaces”… I seriously don’t know why they added it in the album. They could have actually left it ’empty’.

The next song is “When They Come For Me”… Awesome electric guitar effect, the rap by Shinoda is great, but the music could have been better. The beats seem like an Indian “bhangra” song’s beats. The song becomes really great towards the end as Chester begins to sing.

Next song “Robot Boy”. This song onwards the album begins to soar higher and higher. The song has really good music and beats. This is the song where I felt as if LP has turned into a boy band as almost the entire song has being sung in chorus. But, it does sound good.

Next is “Jornada Del Muerto”, which is spanish for “single day’s journey of the dead man”, it’s just plain running music, which continues and goes forward to the second single from the album “Waiting For The End”. Another typical LP kinda song! Its good, and the video for the song is really an innovative style, constellations joining to form the band members.

Then comes “Blackout”. Ummm… I’ve got a mixed feeling for this song. It has the old Linkin Park style, and even a new digital sound, with redundant scratches and dj effects. Those effects do sound good, but maybe LP would consider the song out of live shows just because of it.

Next up… my personal favorite “Wrectches And Kings”. I just loved the song. Awesome rap, awesomer singing, and even more awesome music! The scratches towards the end sends chills down the spine! Love it!

“Wisdom, Justice, And Love”… one word, SPOOKY! They could’ve avoided it.

“Iridescent” is a fine song! Nothing bad about it, but not even anything extra ordinary.

“Fallout” is a digitally voiced version of the song “Catalyst”. Nothing much to say about it.

Then comes the next song, which was released as the first single from the album “The Catalyst”. Another ‘not an LP’ kind of song! But at the same time, it is a really good song.

The last song of the album “The Messenger” is a ‘one man show’ song by Chester! The song shows how he has been able to maintain the quality of singing and improve it over the years!

All in all, I would give the album a 3.5/5 stars!


*** .5

I just wanted to keep my thoughts about the album in front of you all! And so.. Thats it!

Here are the first two singles from the album. The videos are great! Especially the second single “Waiting For The End”.

The Catalyst

Waiting For The End

So??? What are your thoughts???