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Backstreet Boys – In a World Like This (Video)


The Backstreet Boys released their brand new title track from their upcoming album “In a World Like This”, named the same on the 3rd of July, and now have released the official video for the amazing song.

The song basically speaks about finding true love in world where there is hatred, misconceptions, lack of trust and all sorts of negativity. It talks about being able to find the one that you actually love or is the best suited for you amongst all the commotion that is going around in the world. Its about having the faith in true love and not letting anything else get in the way, as the lyrics go…
“In a world like this where some back down…I, know we’re gonna make it…In a time like this where love comes ’round…I, know we gotta take it…In a world like this where people fall apart…In a time like this where nothing comes from the heart…In a world like this, I’ve got you”.

The video shows the boys singing in a background similar to the one that was shot in their single from “Unbreakable” named “Helpless when She Smiles”, with three couples (old couple, straight and gay couple) shown simultaneously, finding love in the tough world that we live in. The video is without a doubt, beautiful.

Watch the video right here…

The album comes out on the 30th of July worldwide. So do you feel that the Backstreet’s back???


Bad Meets Evil – Lighters – Video Single Out!!!

The second single from the rapping duo consisting of the Rap King Eminem and Royce Da 5’9 is finally out after a long wait. The video is awesome… (I can’t ever…EVER say anything bad about any song or video released by two artists… Eminem being one of them). The video starts off with Bruno Mars, who is featured in the song, singing a really catchy tune, which actually made the it one among the top most liked songs from the album “Hell: The Sequel”. The video shows both the rappers separately, i.e playing their own parts individually, except for in the last scene, where they are shown together staring at the beautiful evening sky filled with floating lighters for a really brief period of time. Both the rappers are shown trying to find their ways out of a dark tunnel and finally coming out to an open land with crowd gazing at the beautiful scene of sky full of lighters.

And oh! Slim Shady has actually stood up this time… The guy has turned blonde again, which is the first time after his album “Encore” which he released before going on the hiatus. Well… as always, I don’t want to ruin all the fun of watching the video for you people, so I’ll drop here and let you all have a look at the video yourselves.

So…What are your thoughts?

Eminem’s “Space Bound” Released – Worth the Wait!!!

The long-awaited fourth single from Slim Shady’s album “Recovery” is finally out and I’ve got to say that the long wait actually paid off. The song was already among one of the favorites from the album and now the video just tops it all over. It’s actually better than any of the videos that Em has released since Relapse, other than “Not Afraid” from the same album if you ask me. The video shows two phases of Eminem, one who follows his heart and the other that knows that what the other one is doing is wrong. The way the two have been shown in the video is beautiful. The fantastic cinematography just adds to the impact that the song and the concept of the video builds on viewer. The video features porn star Sasha Grey, who is looking really beautiful in the video, playing the love interest of Shady.

The video is officially out only on iTunes for the time being. You can find the iTunes link here. The video has been leaked on to youtube (off course), so would be removed pretty soon. Watch it here while you still can…(Update: Official youtube release by VEVO has been added now.)

So… How did you find it???

Eminem’s New Single Video!!!

Oh yeah! The new single from Shady’s latest album Recovery “Love The Way Yo Lie”  is finally here! The video is cool! (What else can you expect it to be?) With Rihanna in feat the song gets even more cooler! And guess what! Hottie Megan Fox is starring in the video too! So it makes it a perfect 100 pts. video! I won’t go into describing the video… just that, the place where Eminem has shot his solo parts in the video is BEAUTIFUL! So don’t just keep reading! Go ahead and watch the video right here!!!

So! how did you find it???

Eminem’s Single “Not Afraid” Music Video Premier!!!

Yes sir!!! The king of Raps is back with a new  music video of his hit single “Not Afraid” from his upcoming highly anticipated album “Recovery”!

The video is really awesome! Well… it feels a bit like Will Smith’s “Hancock” towards the end of the video with Shady flying like a super hero after jumping from crater or cliff which suddenly appears in the center of the city! Don’t just keep reading, watch it right here!

How did you find it???

AJ McLean New Video Single “Teenage Wildlife”

Oh yeah! The rockstar from the Backstreet Boys has finally released his first video single from his solo debut album “Have It All”!

The video has been picturised on the song named “Teenage Wildlife”, which is an awesome dance song! The video starts as AJ with some of his friends looks for his love, and AJ’s love happens to be someone who is in a wild creature’s outfit (maybe that’s why they have named the song “Teenage Wildlife”)! So, in search of his love, AJ and his friends enter into a club which is full of people in suits of wild animals . AJ, after half of the song finally finds his love and to his surprise finds another ‘wild creature’ who also loves that same girl, with whom AJ is in love with and he challenges AJ to a dance battle!

Now, I think it would be better if you actually watch the video and see how the story ends. It is a different kind of music video but it always feels great to see AJ dance to awesome music and beets like in this song! So, get ready to get pumped up!

So, what do you think about it???