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Backstreet Boys – In a World Like This – Album Review!!!


The boys have finally released their follow-up to the 2009 “This Is Us” after a long wait. And this time with the fifth original member, Kevin Richardson back in the group. The group is a perfect package with all sorts of voices that a group would need: Nick – the perfect disc voice; AJ – the rock star voice; Brian – One of the most beautiful male voice singer voice that I have heard (I’m not just saying that and yes I have heard a lot of artists, before anyone says that “this guy knows nothing”); Howie – A voice which doesn’t require any auto-tune and still sounds as if it’s on auto-tune even when he is talking; and then the voice that just came back to where it belongs, Kevin – The soothing one, and when these voices come together as one to sing a chorus, leaves people speechless. The album came out on the 30th of this past month (July), with various songs released on different web sites as the album release date approached closer.

The album starts off with the already quiet popular title track “In a World Like This” which is an upbeat song about being able to find and hold on to true love in world where we live in today. Then comes “Permanent Stain” which was released as a promotional single about a month ago, which again is an upbeat song with a lively music, maintaining the pace and effect till the end. Then comes one of my personal favorites from the album “Breathe“. It is a beautiful song with beautiful music with a slow tempo and off course beautiful singing by the quintet. Next is “Madeleine“, which is a motivational song to rise up against all the odds and be strong when you feel all is lost and gone. Really beautiful lyrics to motivate someone to get back up after whatever sort of fall one has suffered. Follows one of my clear favorites from the album “Show ‘Em (What You’re Made of)“. One just can’t resist oneself from banging his/her head to the beats of the song. Gives a flavor of OneRepublic sort of music but then the singing shouts loud that “Backstreet’s Back”!!! Then there are songs like “Make Believe“, Try“, “Trust Me“, which are wonderful examples of how with beautiful and meaningful lyrics a song would be way better than the “popular” songs that get most of the hype these days. To highlight the song “Try“, its a beautiful one man show for AJ McLean, who has sung the entire song with the boys joining in for the chorus. Next is “Love Somebody” which I found a bit on a lower level than the rest of songs that precede it. “One Phone Call” is a perfect boy band song. “Feels Like Home” is a song boasting about the boys being around for over 20 years now and touring around the world for their fans so many times that every other country and city feels like home to them. “Soldier” is another song which I felt that starts off pretty well, but the chorus tune could’ve been more catchier. The album ends with a nice pop and peppy song talking about leaving a “Light On” for the loved one.

Well, I have always said this and would say it again, I would be a really bad choice to review a Backstreet Boys album. To me album is beautiful. Their last album “This Is Us” was good but didn’t live up to the Backstreet standards somehow. The album that was released before it “Unbreakable” was another beautiful album. But I can safely say that “In a World Like This” is better than Unbreakable at some level.

I would give “In a World Like This” an easy 4.5 stars out of 5. And that’s not just because it’s a Backstreet Boys album.

So… What do you feel???



Backstreets Back with a “Permanent Stain” pretty Permanent!


Every blog posting about these guys have been writing this particular line and I am not gonna hold back coz nothing else suits better… “BACKSTREET’S BACK ALRIGHT!!!” Ahh… now I can work peacefully!

The guys have been working their ass off creating a follow-up to their last album “This Is Us”, which came out back in 2009 and this time with the 5th original member ‘Kevin Richardson’ back in the group. The group for the first time performed live their new upcoming single “Permanent Stain” on Good Morning America and the song is AMAZING! The song has got the perfect music, the perfect lyrics and of course… the perfect voices singing the song! Backstreet has shown how tough they can make the so called “boy band war” when actually there is no real competition for these guys. I my opinion, not just the other boy bands, but also all the other artists should start worrying now that boys have geared up! The group released a lyrics video on YouTube recently for the same song. Watch it right here…

How did you like the single??? The single would be out for free download for the fans who purchase the tickets to the “In a World Like This Tour” starting 20th May. The 8th studio album of the boys is titled “In A World Like This” and would be coming out on the 30th of July worldwide. I can’t wait to listen to the album and review it!

¡Uno! – Green Day – Album Review¡¡¡

The ninth studio album for the band and the first out of the trilogy that is set to come out by January next year (2013) is out and is rocking charts! The album got out on the 24th of this month (Sept ’12). Already 4 singles have been released from the album, “Let Yourself Go”, “Kill the DJ”, “Nuclear Family” and “Oh Love”. The last one is the third rock song in the history to have debuted at #1 spot on the Billboard charts after Linkin Parks ” The Catalyst” and Foo Fighters’ “Rope”.

The tracklist of the album:

1. “Nuclear Family”
2. “Stay the Night”
3. “Carpe Diem”
4. “Let Yourself Go”
5. “Kill the DJ”
6. “Fell for You”
7. “Loss of Control”
8. “Troublemaker”
9. “Angel Blue”
10. “Sweet 16”
11. “Rusty James”
12. “Oh Love”

The album on a whole is good, but there’s nothing extra ordinary about it. It’s just another rock album with decent songs, but has 3-4 amazing songs, making the album better than the other average rock albums that have come out. The songs that stand out have already been released as singles and have been placed pretty smartly in the album. The first song “Nuclear Family”, the one at the center “Kill the DJ” and the one at the end “Oh Love”. There’s another song that stands out according me, which again was released as a single, named “Let Yourself Go”. The official video of the song on YouTube is a video of their live performance, which is pretty awesome.

There are other songs also which are decent enough, but like I said, nothing extra ordinary about them. Songs like “Stay the Night”, “Fell for You”, “Troublemaker” and “Carpe Diem” are good, but they still miss that special touch to make them stand out. The songs that I didn’t mention like “Sweet 16”,  “Loss of Control”, “Angel Blue” and “Rusty James”, well according to me, they are the songs that get overshadowed and need not be given much attention. Well my personal favorites from the album are “Kill the DJ”, “Let Yourself Go” and “Oh Love”, that I just can’t get enough of. They are just too good.

Kill the DJ

Oh Love

This is just the first one out of the trilogy. There are two more in line, namely “¡Dos!” and “¡Tré!”, that would be coming out in November and January respectively. On the whole, I will give “¡Uno!” a plain 3.5 stars! I just hope the remaining two do better than this.

What are your thoughts about the album???

Album Review – “I’m Taking Off” – Nick Carter

The Backstreet Boy ‘Nicky C’ is back with his second solo venture and this time its totally different from what you’ve heard in his last solo record “Now or Never” or from any of the Backstreet Boys material! So, here I have given my review about the album. Hope you agree with my oppinions, and if not, feel free ato let me know your thoughts on the same.

The album kicks off with a club banging song named “Burning Up”, which starts with a sound like that from Usher’s “DJ Got Us Falling in Love”, but the song the completely different from Usher’s song and is way better than that too! Jam packed with awesome beats and digital mix, the song is a perfect opener for the album!

Next is the song named “Not The Other Guy”. This song is again an awesome mix of great beats and great music. The song has digital music, but still maintains the authenticity of the Nick’s voice, making the song all the more greater!

Next up… “So Far Away”. Its a slow tempo song as compared to the first two. Again this one has beats (I guess almost all the songs have awesome beats, so don’t mind me repeating the same thing over and over again) that make the song such a treat to the ears, that they make you wanna groove to them on the dance floor! The lyrics in the song like “I want her love so bad, I can almost taste it and I need her touch so much, I can almost feel it” are again things that go perfectly with the mood of the song and offcourse, the music.

Then comes “Addicted”… This song has a slight rock touch to it, with guitars playing loud in the music unlike in the first three song, which sound perfect for clubs. This song kinda reminds of songs from Nick’s last album “Now or Never”. Again… a great song with  good lyrics like “You’re such a good bad drug, The one I can’t give up…You give me such a rush, The one I’m thinking of…”.

“Addicted” is followed by the song “Special”, which is a fine soothing song, having Nick singing a couple of verses in falsseto. Overall the song is good, nothing much ‘special’ to talk about otherthan what I already said.

Next comes “Falling Down”. This song is again a nice song, having nice music and awesome singing and background digital sounds give a totally different touch to the song!

Then is the first single from the album “Just One Kiss”. Don’t know why Nick selected this song to be the first single when he had a number of other tracks that are better… not that this song is bad or anything. The song is awesome, has great music and beats and offcourse wonderfull singing. Maybe Nick wanted to display his singing tallent which comes out quite naturally in the song.

Next “Great Divide”. This song got leaked long before the album got out… well most of the songs did, but this was one of the few I heard almost a year ago! The song has good hip-hop style beats. The way Nick starts the song even gives it a hip-hop look with the “uh-uh” sound but its not. Its a plain simpe song with fine music and singing. Nothing much to talk about here.

“Nothing Left To Lose” is the next sog. The song is an just average. The best thing I liked about the song is the sounds that play in the background when Nick sings the main verses of the song. Those sounds do make it an above average song, but still… the album has way better tracks than this.

After that comes “Falling in Love Again”. This song is fun, with variations in tempo, which keep on changing in between, turning from silent tone to full on pop beat song all of a sudden.

Next is the title track “I’m Taking Off”. The song starts off like some classic heavy metal song, having Nick singing in a heavy tone, and then transforms into nice pop music and then back and forth again. The lyrics are fun like “I think I’ll put my spacesuit on, so I can jump into my rocket… Call ground control, coz something’s wrong”. It is a bit different from the other songs but really good at the same time.

The last song of the album is “Jewel In Our Hearts”, which is sweet and silent song. It starts off with the sounds of rain and thunder and then piano kicks in followed by Nick singing. The music of the song is just superb. INice way to end a really good album.

Overall, the album is really great. I never thought that I would be saying this ever, but this album is better than Nick’s band “Backstreet Boys”s last album “This Is Us”. The fans have rightly called the it ‘A perfect album’, with correct selection of songs. If everything goes well, the album can well beat the current top grossers which actually don’t deserve their chart positions.

I’d rate this an easy 4.5 stars out of 5.


So… Any thoughts???

Nick Carter – Just One Kiss – 2nd Solo Album Single!!!

Nicky C. from the Backstreet Boys is back with his second solo venture!

The album has been titled “I’m Taking Off”. It would be hitting the stores this very month (February). The first single from the album is out and it is really good! The song has a soothing music but at the same time it would make you wanna dance to the beautiful beats and to top it all, Nick’s voice is stupendous, making the song all the more beautiful. Without much of digital voice mix, which is the current trend of most of the so-called “singing sensations” now-a-days, Nick has shown how it is to actually sing…”SING”! Lyrics  of the song is also well written. The video is simple having Nick walking along a beach.  And without having me blabbering much about the song and the video, why don’t you guys just watch the video and decide for yourselves!

So! Any thoughts???

Linkin Park – A Thousand Suns (Late Review) !!!

I know that it has been  pretty while since the album got out, but I just wanted to do this… so here it is!

The album got lots and lots of criticisms from many fans and critics, but in my opinion, the new album just ROCKS! It shows an entirely new side of Linkin Park! The style of songs is completely different… or should I say that LP has gotten a lot serious! Some of the songs make them sound like a boy band and some others seem as if they are singing a Coldplay song.

The album starts with the song named “The Requiem”, which is the intro to the album and is totally superb. Then comes “The Radiance”, which has a dialogue, describing how the world would change because of everything that is going around, giving a serious start to the album.

Next is the song, which is actually a song afer two short tracks, named “Burning In The Skies”. It is an okay sort of song, not all that great.

Then is “Empty Spaces”… I seriously don’t know why they added it in the album. They could have actually left it ’empty’.

The next song is “When They Come For Me”… Awesome electric guitar effect, the rap by Shinoda is great, but the music could have been better. The beats seem like an Indian “bhangra” song’s beats. The song becomes really great towards the end as Chester begins to sing.

Next song “Robot Boy”. This song onwards the album begins to soar higher and higher. The song has really good music and beats. This is the song where I felt as if LP has turned into a boy band as almost the entire song has being sung in chorus. But, it does sound good.

Next is “Jornada Del Muerto”, which is spanish for “single day’s journey of the dead man”, it’s just plain running music, which continues and goes forward to the second single from the album “Waiting For The End”. Another typical LP kinda song! Its good, and the video for the song is really an innovative style, constellations joining to form the band members.

Then comes “Blackout”. Ummm… I’ve got a mixed feeling for this song. It has the old Linkin Park style, and even a new digital sound, with redundant scratches and dj effects. Those effects do sound good, but maybe LP would consider the song out of live shows just because of it.

Next up… my personal favorite “Wrectches And Kings”. I just loved the song. Awesome rap, awesomer singing, and even more awesome music! The scratches towards the end sends chills down the spine! Love it!

“Wisdom, Justice, And Love”… one word, SPOOKY! They could’ve avoided it.

“Iridescent” is a fine song! Nothing bad about it, but not even anything extra ordinary.

“Fallout” is a digitally voiced version of the song “Catalyst”. Nothing much to say about it.

Then comes the next song, which was released as the first single from the album “The Catalyst”. Another ‘not an LP’ kind of song! But at the same time, it is a really good song.

The last song of the album “The Messenger” is a ‘one man show’ song by Chester! The song shows how he has been able to maintain the quality of singing and improve it over the years!

All in all, I would give the album a 3.5/5 stars!


*** .5

I just wanted to keep my thoughts about the album in front of you all! And so.. Thats it!

Here are the first two singles from the album. The videos are great! Especially the second single “Waiting For The End”.

The Catalyst

Waiting For The End

So??? What are your thoughts???

AJ McLean New Video Single “Teenage Wildlife”

Oh yeah! The rockstar from the Backstreet Boys has finally released his first video single from his solo debut album “Have It All”!

The video has been picturised on the song named “Teenage Wildlife”, which is an awesome dance song! The video starts as AJ with some of his friends looks for his love, and AJ’s love happens to be someone who is in a wild creature’s outfit (maybe that’s why they have named the song “Teenage Wildlife”)! So, in search of his love, AJ and his friends enter into a club which is full of people in suits of wild animals . AJ, after half of the song finally finds his love and to his surprise finds another ‘wild creature’ who also loves that same girl, with whom AJ is in love with and he challenges AJ to a dance battle!

Now, I think it would be better if you actually watch the video and see how the story ends. It is a different kind of music video but it always feels great to see AJ dance to awesome music and beets like in this song! So, get ready to get pumped up!

So, what do you think about it???