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Britney Spers Goes Womanizer Live @ Bambi Awards 2008

l_2ded0f68e7d1fdaf6cf9eec1a92cb26fAt he Bambi Awards 2008, the pop princes went live on her latest track Womanizer! Earlier, she had decided to reshoot the video for the song, since the earlier video was leaked way before the official release of the song!

Watch the live performance here!

A preview of the new video was posted recently on youtube! Here it is!



Britney Spears – Womanizer (Video)- Britney Is Back

Britney Spears, the pop queen is back and this time she is looking extremely gorgeous with her body back in perfect shape. She has been working too hard to get back in shape and all the hard work has finally given the required result.

The new single “Womanizer” simply rocks.

Feels great to have her back to normal and hot shape again.

Watch the video! (Parental Guidance Advised !! Really Hot!!)

Justin And Britney Reunite!!

b justin

The ‘Toxic Girl’ and the ‘Sexy Back’ singer are finally going to reunite for a song in Britney’s next album.

They were actually going to reunite for Britney’s last album “Blackout”, but Britney missed out on the recording session at producer Timbaland’s studio. After that, they had decided to reunite for a few concerts, but Justin didn’t show up for any of them.

Britney has even written a song named “My Baby”, on her two children, Sean Preston and Jayden James for her next album and says that it is beautiful song and that she is proud of the song.

Only time will tell if Justin and Britney will actually unite this time or not. Lets see…

I am looking forward to their reunion… Are you?

The Toxic Girl Finally De-toxicated!



                 For the past 18 months the disturbed Britney Spears has undergone a lot of troubles. But sources have said that she is finally back to normal. Don’t know what was going inside her mind all these days, but we can say that everything happens for a cause.

                Now she has planned to release another album. She has already started writing the lyrics for the pre-planned album. She told the OK magazine that she has written more songs than her last album “Blackout” had which had released somewhere around November 2008.

                Lets all hope, she maintains this calm set of her mind in the future and that her next album does much better than “Blackout”Blackout_-_Album .