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Album Review – “I’m Taking Off” – Nick Carter

The Backstreet Boy ‘Nicky C’ is back with his second solo venture and this time its totally different from what you’ve heard in his last solo record “Now or Never” or from any of the Backstreet Boys material! So, here I have given my review about the album. Hope you agree with my oppinions, and if not, feel free ato let me know your thoughts on the same.

The album kicks off with a club banging song named “Burning Up”, which starts with a sound like that from Usher’s “DJ Got Us Falling in Love”, but the song the completely different from Usher’s song and is way better than that too! Jam packed with awesome beats and digital mix, the song is a perfect opener for the album!

Next is the song named “Not The Other Guy”. This song is again an awesome mix of great beats and great music. The song has digital music, but still maintains the authenticity of the Nick’s voice, making the song all the more greater!

Next up… “So Far Away”. Its a slow tempo song as compared to the first two. Again this one has beats (I guess almost all the songs have awesome beats, so don’t mind me repeating the same thing over and over again) that make the song such a treat to the ears, that they make you wanna groove to them on the dance floor! The lyrics in the song like “I want her love so bad, I can almost taste it and I need her touch so much, I can almost feel it” are again things that go perfectly with the mood of the song and offcourse, the music.

Then comes “Addicted”… This song has a slight rock touch to it, with guitars playing loud in the music unlike in the first three song, which sound perfect for clubs. This song kinda reminds of songs from Nick’s last album “Now or Never”. Again… a great song with  good lyrics like “You’re such a good bad drug, The one I can’t give up…You give me such a rush, The one I’m thinking of…”.

“Addicted” is followed by the song “Special”, which is a fine soothing song, having Nick singing a couple of verses in falsseto. Overall the song is good, nothing much ‘special’ to talk about otherthan what I already said.

Next comes “Falling Down”. This song is again a nice song, having nice music and awesome singing and background digital sounds give a totally different touch to the song!

Then is the first single from the album “Just One Kiss”. Don’t know why Nick selected this song to be the first single when he had a number of other tracks that are better… not that this song is bad or anything. The song is awesome, has great music and beats and offcourse wonderfull singing. Maybe Nick wanted to display his singing tallent which comes out quite naturally in the song.

Next “Great Divide”. This song got leaked long before the album got out… well most of the songs did, but this was one of the few I heard almost a year ago! The song has good hip-hop style beats. The way Nick starts the song even gives it a hip-hop look with the “uh-uh” sound but its not. Its a plain simpe song with fine music and singing. Nothing much to talk about here.

“Nothing Left To Lose” is the next sog. The song is an just average. The best thing I liked about the song is the sounds that play in the background when Nick sings the main verses of the song. Those sounds do make it an above average song, but still… the album has way better tracks than this.

After that comes “Falling in Love Again”. This song is fun, with variations in tempo, which keep on changing in between, turning from silent tone to full on pop beat song all of a sudden.

Next is the title track “I’m Taking Off”. The song starts off like some classic heavy metal song, having Nick singing in a heavy tone, and then transforms into nice pop music and then back and forth again. The lyrics are fun like “I think I’ll put my spacesuit on, so I can jump into my rocket… Call ground control, coz something’s wrong”. It is a bit different from the other songs but really good at the same time.

The last song of the album is “Jewel In Our Hearts”, which is sweet and silent song. It starts off with the sounds of rain and thunder and then piano kicks in followed by Nick singing. The music of the song is just superb. INice way to end a really good album.

Overall, the album is really great. I never thought that I would be saying this ever, but this album is better than Nick’s band “Backstreet Boys”s last album “This Is Us”. The fans have rightly called the it ‘A perfect album’, with correct selection of songs. If everything goes well, the album can well beat the current top grossers which actually don’t deserve their chart positions.

I’d rate this an easy 4.5 stars out of 5.


So… Any thoughts???


Nick Carter – Just One Kiss – 2nd Solo Album Single!!!

Nicky C. from the Backstreet Boys is back with his second solo venture!

The album has been titled “I’m Taking Off”. It would be hitting the stores this very month (February). The first single from the album is out and it is really good! The song has a soothing music but at the same time it would make you wanna dance to the beautiful beats and to top it all, Nick’s voice is stupendous, making the song all the more beautiful. Without much of digital voice mix, which is the current trend of most of the so-called “singing sensations” now-a-days, Nick has shown how it is to actually sing…”SING”! Lyrics  of the song is also well written. The video is simple having Nick walking along a beach.  And without having me blabbering much about the song and the video, why don’t you guys just watch the video and decide for yourselves!

So! Any thoughts???

Backstreet Boys working on their next album




The boys have started working on their next album according to sources. Well, “Unbreakable” was extremely good and got more recognition than “Never Gone”, so we can just hope that their next album does much much more than Unbreakable, and breaks all the records.

AJ Mclean has announced that his solo album will be releasing this year and even Howie Dorough’s solo will release.

BSB member Nick Carter said that inspite of being busy with their solo albums, the members are concentrating harder on their group album.

Sources have said that the band might work with pop producer Max Martin, who was the producer of BSB’s hits like “I Want It That Way” and “Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely.”

The band has still got the space open for Kevin Richardson and would only be happy to have him back in the band.