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New Relapse Songs And Video!!!


Ah!! Man! It feels good to be back blogging after a month! And sorry people but had to do some really important job! Now its over so I’m back!

OK! I know that this is a week old news now, but just couldn’t keep from posting this!!

Two new songs from Eminem’s new album “Relapse” have been released online and I found them quite good! And the song named “Crack a bottle” has got 50 Cents and Dr. Dre featuring in it!

Well! Here they are….

Crack A Bottle

3 A.M.

And what more? 3 A.M. has also been released as a video single. This is the second video after “We Made You”.

Here is the video!!

So did you like em?


Eminem’s New Song Out! – “Im Having A Relapse”

Yo Yo Yo !!

Guess whose back ? Back Again ? Shady’s back!!

Yup!! After almost 5 years, we’ve got one song from his new album “King Mathers” (supposedly). The song’s name is “I’m having a relapse” and it seems that it is the intro song of the album. Starts with all the “chicka – chicka”, “guess who’s back” and continues with “kicking a**” and all.

Man!! Feels so great to listen to him again!

Listen to it now!!

So?! Ain’t it cool !! ??

Update: The song has been given the title “Relapse”.