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Enrique Likes How It Feels – New Single!!!

Enrique is back with his new single “I Like How It Feels” featuring Pitbull (again). The rapper had appeared in the first single off the last album “Euphoria” named “I Like It”. Frankly… I felt that this song is way…way better than its two words younger brother.

The song came out last week and I know it’s a bit late to review a week old song, but still, since I liked it, thought of writing a post. So, the song for a change is not about any girl who ditches Enrique or about how he likes a girl on top of him or about how he likes to see a sexy girl pole dancing in front of him. The song talks about Enrique’s way to success and how great he feels to be where he is today. The song has fab music and effects to it, which actually makes us like how it feels to listen to it.

The video of the single is great. It has been directed by Enrique himself and features many celebs like Eva Longoria, George Lopez, Ken Jeong(the chinese guy from ‘Hangover’) and some others like them! The video is mainly dedicated to Enrique’s fans. There are some behind the scenes videos merged in the music video itself, showing how crazy fans get at concerts and all the fun stuffs that Enrique and his friends do while in studio or out of studio. Well, watch the video right here and decide how much you like how Enrique feels! And oh… the chinese guy has done it again! See how he brings Hangover crazyness into the video!



“I Need A Doctor ft. Dr. Dre” – Eminem’s Another Leak!!!

OK! Maybe Shady is coming back with another album or else maybe the Doctor is going to release his last album! I just googled and found the pic that you see here above this post, so maybe it is Eminem’s next single or something! But as far as the rumours go, the song is supposed to be featured on Dr. Dre’s next album, which is going to be his last album!

Whatever may be the case, lets talk about the song. The song is fine! I wouldn’t say that the song is Eminem’s best song or anywhere close what he is actually capable of doing, but yes… it’s not bad either (I mean… how can it be? Its Shady about whom we are talking about here after all!) Almost 60% of the song is sung by Eminem and the remaining by Dr. Dre! I’ll drop it here! Listen to song and tell me about your thoughts!


Happy New Year!! Lots Ahead!


Well! As the new year is here, there are lot and lots of stuffs to look forward to!

Starting with the most awaited movies of all time…


Friday The 13th (Remake)


G.I Joe The Movie!


Eminem’s next album after 5 years!


Backstreet Boy’s Next album…


Linkin Parks Next Album!


And there are many many more like these! Want to know about any of these or other than these? Just ask!!!!

Happy New Year to you all again!

Eminem’s Novel – The Way I am


The rapper legend’s new novel named “The Way I Am” is breaking records!

Well all the fans know how Shady is always spitting out his anger on all the things that he has to go through and on all those things, which he has already experienced in his life! He has done the same thing in “The Way I Am”. He tells about his two times ex-wife, Kim Mathers and about his close friend D12 rapper, Proof, who got murdered.

He says that, it was actually supposed to be a scrap book of his fans, but when it all completed, it turned into a novel sot of “thing”. He has re-invented a style of writing novels i.e. in a comic format. Yup! That means, almost half of the novel is in novel format and the rest is normal. He has added a few pictures, taken by himself and added dialogs to give it a whole new effect. He has also added two dozen examples of hand written lyrics, to show his fans, the way he prepares his songs for example “Stan”, “My Name Is”

“Rap is one big Fantasy Island, It’s the place I always retreat to when things get too hectic in real time.”

He has also mentioned about how bad he felt after the death of his closest bussy Proof. “After he passed, it was a year before I could really do anything normally again. It was tough for me to even get out of bed, and I had days when I couldn’t walk, let alone write a rhyme. When I tried to put my thoughts together — well, I wasn’t making sense when I spoke, so everyone was trying to keep me off TV and away from the press.”

But even after mentioning almost everything in his life, guess one thing or person he doesn’t mention! Yup! You guessed it! His mother! Well, his mother has also got a novel “My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem”.

If you want to know more about it, then just go and buy it!