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Southpaw – Movie Review!!!


Let me begin by saying this!!! Southpaw is simply… “Phenomenal!!!!!!!”

[Note: Everything written in the following paragraph is nothing above what has not been shown in the trailers. So skip if you will, else watch the trailer]

The movie from the get go just gets into your blood stream, giving you the feeling of being in the shoes of “Billy (the Great) Hope” played by Jake Gyllenhaal! The movie starts off with Billy being at the peak of his career as the reigning Light Heavy Weight Champion and defending his championship against another opponent. Billy has been fighting constantly for a long time and now his physical strength and swiftness has started wearing down a bit, hence Maureen Hope played by beautiful Rachel McAdams, wants Billy to stop entering fights, relax and cool down for a while. Enter Miguel ‘Magic’ Escobar, with his cocky attitude trying to get his shot at the champ, which when declined tries to get under the skin of Hope. Amidst all this, a ceremony is organized to honor Hope for his accomplishments so far, at the end of which Miguel who was present as a member in the audience, takes another cheap shot at Hope challenging for a fight, which Hope succeeds at ignoring only until Miguel shouts “I’ll take your championship and your b%#@h!” and all hell breaks loose! This is the turning point of the movie where Hope’s wife gets shot by one of Miguel’s men and the world turns up side down for Hope! He loses everything, including the custody of his own daughter! Well… wont spell out all of the details here itself.

The movie has been written wonderfully, directed amazingly and the acting is just so natural, that it just grips you in right from the first scene and keeps you seated right there till the very last-minute of the movie in awe! Apart from all of these pluses, the movie has another huge tag on its name… the ‘Rap God’ himself… Eminem! The Oscar-winning rapper has written two songs for the movie, namely ‘Kings Never Die’ and ‘Phenomenal’. The first track is the first song in the credits. The part of the movie where ‘Phenomenal’ is played, just couldn’t have been better! The lyrics and the music perfectly gel with the acting and the scene in the movie.

Rating: *****/5 (Each for Acting, Story, Direction, Efforts and off course, Music)

Watch the trailer to the movie right here!

So, if you have seen the movie let me know if you found it just as phenomenal as I did and if you haven’t, well… what are you waiting for! Watch it…NOW!


Amazing Spider Man 2 – Movie Review!!!


Spidey is back and how!!! The sequel to the ‘Amazing’ Spider-Man franchise, that rebooted the Tobey Maguire’s SpiderMan series is here and has done a pretty decent job. Before starting to talk about the movie, a take on the comparison with Tobey’s version. The Amazing series is more flashy and more beyond reality kinda movie, whereas Tobey’s version used to seem more grounded and more real, even though his version of Spider Man was even more gifted with real web shooting from his wrists, unlike Andrew Garfield’s version who uses machine to shoot webs. But the way the villains and the technology itself is depicted in the Amazing series is a bit far-fetched. Moreover, the script writers have done a good  making this movie go in a bit different path, while staying loyal to the original story line. So in other words, both the series cannot be compared.

Will try NOT to make this post a spoiler for the people who are looking froward to watch the flick.

The movie has new actors joining the franchise for the sequel, Jamie Foxx as the Electro, Dane DeHan as Harry Osborn and the remaining characters from the first movie reprising their roles. Having the main villain as Electro, expect loads and loads of light shows in the movie. The writers have done a good job linking the first movie with the sequel, talking about the reality of Peter’s parents. The action sequence is off charts. The stunts and dramatic slow motions in between have been placed very well. Some of scenes felt a bit visually exaggerated though, like the scene where Spidey and Electro fight at the power station the power grids start lighting up as if they are acting like the equalizer to the background score playing. The movie does feel like it is being dragged a bit somewhere during the middle of the story but then it picks up again and runs to the end. Other than Electro, Spidey also has two other villain to fight, Green Goblin and Rhino. Rhino is hardly there in the movie though, but the evolution of Green Goblin has been shown well, as to how the hatred starts filling in Harry’s head against Spider Man and eventually his buddy Peter Parker.

The movie is a ride filled with excitement, action, drama, emotions and one heck of a light show. Would stop right here, before I spill out some important parts of the story. I would give the movie a 3 and Half stars out of 5.


So how did you find the movie?


PS: There is a scene after credits you might wanna watch out for!!!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are here!!!


Yup! After a log wait since the news was announced and after lots or should I say LOADS of speculations and risk of spoiling every boy’s childhood favorite superhero image of the mutant turtles, the trailer has finally been released by Michael Bay.

Raphael, Michelangelo, Donatello and Leonardo are teaming up in Michael Bay’s production “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, and this time the turtles have their eye candy April O’Neil played by the beautiful Megan Fox. And the role or The Shredder would be played by William Fichtner. By the looks of it, the trailer looks pretty darn exciting, but like they say “don’t judge a book by its cover”, never and I mean never judge a movie by its trailer. I remember during my childhood waking up at 5 am to watch TMNT on TV, and I for one can assure that I would rather have the movie not being released at all, than have the entire franchise getting ruined over some big budget live action. But then again, since it is Michael Bay’s production, I do have peaking hopes from this movie.

The movie would be released on 12th of August 2013. The first trailer was released recently. Watch it right here and decide for yourself what you feel about it.

The Avengers – Movie Review!!!

In a single word?—> AMAZINGLYFANTABULOUSLYFREAKINGAWESOME!!! Come on…One word for a movie like “The Avengers” is not possible!

(Don’t worry… no spoilers… At least not many) The movie kinda starts where the movie ‘Thor” ended, with Loki trying to get his hands on “the Tesseract” which is said to be a source for unlimited power. Nick Fury senses the seriousness of the situation and starts uniting the ultimate forces of the Earth, involving you know who all. Their first aim is to get Hawkeye back, who comes under the control of Loki early in the movie and starts helping him to fulfill his mission. Later on Loki somehow manages to use the Tesseract to open a portal  to another world, allowing him to establish his terror on the Earth with the help of an army of ‘Chitauri’ aka really ugly alien creatures which come through that portal.

The movie shows how the superheroes fight their way not only through the terror of Loki, but more importantly through their ego (which happens to be one of the really important turns in the movie) and combine to form one huge force which is later referred to as the “Code to Death”. Hulk is seen for the least portion in the movie as compared to the others, though his alter-ego Bruce Banner is seen throughout, and still whenever Hulk is shown, every time he manages to give unexpected twists to the scenes… and I mean every single time. Some of the best scenes in the movie are with Hulk in them. Referring to the heated conversation that takes place between Tony Stark and Loki in the movie, where Loki tries to intimidate Stark and asks him to back off by telling him that he has a huge army with him to takeover the Earth, to which Stark replies “So what…We have the Hulk!!!” All the characters have their own important role to play in the movie, but still, Iron man somehow steals the show in the end.

Before the movie came out to the big screens, even though the trailers used to make me jump out of my chair every time I saw them, I always used to fear that the movie would get beaten up because of a weak story-line, but now that I have seen it, I can assure you that, despite of bringing together so many superheroes, the movie still manages to give a pretty decent storyline, with a proper mixture of action, drama and comedy. The action scenes in the movie are… aaa… how do I put it… AMAZINGLYFANTABULOUSLYFREAKINGAWESOME… I mean, I don’t know what word would be apt in this case.

So, with this I would like to end my review and rate it a must watch for everyone, i.e., even though you haven’t seen any of the superhero flicks related to the heroes that are in the movie, you still are going to have one hell of a time watching this one!

The Amazing Spider-Man – New trailer out!!!

The latest “The Amazing Spider-Man” movie trailer is out and its freaking awesome! The movie seems to have a dark touch to it as I had mentioned in my last post. The story will be revolving around an ‘Untold Story’ about the super hero, which involves his late father Mr. Parker to having been involved in a secret scientific research at the time when he was still alive, which was supposed to change the lives of millions. And when the research actually gets over, it gives birth to a demon whom we know better as “Dr. Lizard”. The movie would focus more on unfolding the story of Peter’s parents, as he tries to find out all the facts regarding how they meet their demise, which is never mentioned of in the original series.

Well… the trailer looks amazing, and I for one, have already buckled up for the flick. The effects look really awesome as far as can be made out from the trailer. Remaining… I would let you all to decide for yourselves. Watch the trailer right here…

So… what are your thoughts about it?

The Avengers are on their Way!!!

Like any other eve, I opened my facebook account to check out any comments and status updates made by any of my friends and to see the other notifications that appear usually. But this time, when I opened my FB account, I had a friend named “Apurv” having made a post on my wall saying “Include this in your blog…and get excited!”, followed by a youtube link… and when I clicked on the link and saw what it had, boy…did I get excited or what!

The trailer is stupendous. To see all the super heroes together… Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Hulk and my personal favorite Iron Man is seriously stupendous. I have a feeling that the centre of attraction of the flick would be none other than Iron Man. His dialogues, style and most important and distinctive feature of all, attitude, makes him one heck of a super hero in the band. The trailer is pretty good. Though it hasn’t yet revealed as to who the main villain would be in the movie, but by the looks of it, it can certainly be said that whoever it is, is going to give the Avengers a really hard time in the battle.Tonyy Stark himself might be seen giving a hard time to the other super heroes in a funny way, because of his own attitude issues. For once, the part of the trailer where the Captain America tries to mock Tonyy saying “Big man in suit armour…take that away, what are you?”, to which Tonyy replies “aaa genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist”, ultimately having the captain getting mocked! And there are some more of the sort. The movie is set to release in May 2012. Watch the trailer right here!

And on a personal note, thanks to Apurv for sharing this!

So…Any thoughts people???

Spider-Man 4 errr… Spider-Man 1… Whatever – Updates!!!

OMG! Isn’t that the phrase that comes to your mind on watching this pic??? Well… it sure was in my case!

Spider-Man 4 has been the (and when I say the, I mean THE) highest rated, viewed and commented topic on this blog ever since I wrote them! And so… here is something more for you all to view and comment!

As I’ve already mentioned in  my previous post that the Spider-Man saga is going to be rebooted instead of adding a new installment to the series, there was quite a huge confusion among fans about who is going to be the next Spidey Boy! Well… here it is! The next friendly neighbourhood is gonna be Andrew Garfield and if you ask me, I am all for it. The guy seems quite a good fit for the role. Another news is that the villain for the movie is gonna be Dr. Curt Connors / The Lizard who would be played by Rhys Ifans.  Gwen Stacy’s role would be played by Emma Stone and all the other actors for all the roles have also been changed.

The title for the movie has not been decided as on now. The movie has been planned to be released during the mid i.e. around June/July next year (2012) in 3D! So, this one is going to be or rather should be more realistic and exciting, coz its gonna be a tough job to replace Tobey Maguire with Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man and bring about the same craze among the hardcore fans!

Any thoughts???