Southpaw – Movie Review!!!


Let me begin by saying this!!! Southpaw is simply… “Phenomenal!!!!!!!”

[Note: Everything written in the following paragraph is nothing above what has not been shown in the trailers. So skip if you will, else watch the trailer]

The movie from the get go just gets into your blood stream, giving you the feeling of being in the shoes of “Billy (the Great) Hope” played by Jake Gyllenhaal! The movie starts off with Billy being at the peak of his career as the reigning Light Heavy Weight Champion and defending his championship against another opponent. Billy has been fighting constantly for a long time and now his physical strength and swiftness has started wearing down a bit, hence Maureen Hope played by beautiful Rachel McAdams, wants Billy to stop entering fights, relax and cool down for a while. Enter Miguel ‘Magic’ Escobar, with his cocky attitude trying to get his shot at the champ, which when declined tries to get under the skin of Hope. Amidst all this, a ceremony is organized to honor Hope for his accomplishments so far, at the end of which Miguel who was present as a member in the audience, takes another cheap shot at Hope challenging for a fight, which Hope succeeds at ignoring only until Miguel shouts “I’ll take your championship and your b%#@h!” and all hell breaks loose! This is the turning point of the movie where Hope’s wife gets shot by one of Miguel’s men and the world turns up side down for Hope! He loses everything, including the custody of his own daughter! Well… wont spell out all of the details here itself.

The movie has been written wonderfully, directed amazingly and the acting is just so natural, that it just grips you in right from the first scene and keeps you seated right there till the very last-minute of the movie in awe! Apart from all of these pluses, the movie has another huge tag on its name… the ‘Rap God’ himself… Eminem! The Oscar-winning rapper has written two songs for the movie, namely ‘Kings Never Die’ and ‘Phenomenal’. The first track is the first song in the credits. The part of the movie where ‘Phenomenal’ is played, just couldn’t have been better! The lyrics and the music perfectly gel with the acting and the scene in the movie.

Rating: *****/5 (Each for Acting, Story, Direction, Efforts and off course, Music)

Watch the trailer to the movie right here!

So, if you have seen the movie let me know if you found it just as phenomenal as I did and if you haven’t, well… what are you waiting for! Watch it…NOW!


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