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Backstreet Boys – In a World Like This – Album Review!!!


The boys have finally released their follow-up to the 2009 “This Is Us” after a long wait. And this time with the fifth original member, Kevin Richardson back in the group. The group is a perfect package with all sorts of voices that a group would need: Nick – the perfect disc voice; AJ – the rock star voice; Brian – One of the most beautiful male voice singer voice that I have heard (I’m not just saying that and yes I have heard a lot of artists, before anyone says that “this guy knows nothing”); Howie – A voice which doesn’t require any auto-tune and still sounds as if it’s on auto-tune even when he is talking; and then the voice that just came back to where it belongs, Kevin – The soothing one, and when these voices come together as one to sing a chorus, leaves people speechless. The album came out on the 30th of this past month (July), with various songs released on different web sites as the album release date approached closer.

The album starts off with the already quiet popular title track “In a World Like This” which is an upbeat song about being able to find and hold on to true love in world where we live in today. Then comes “Permanent Stain” which was released as a promotional single about a month ago, which again is an upbeat song with a lively music, maintaining the pace and effect till the end. Then comes one of my personal favorites from the album “Breathe“. It is a beautiful song with beautiful music with a slow tempo and off course beautiful singing by the quintet. Next is “Madeleine“, which is a motivational song to rise up against all the odds and be strong when you feel all is lost and gone. Really beautiful lyrics to motivate someone to get back up after whatever sort of fall one has suffered. Follows one of my clear favorites from the album “Show ‘Em (What You’re Made of)“. One just can’t resist oneself from banging his/her head to the beats of the song. Gives a flavor of OneRepublic sort of music but then the singing shouts loud that “Backstreet’s Back”!!! Then there are songs like “Make Believe“, Try“, “Trust Me“, which are wonderful examples of how with beautiful and meaningful lyrics a song would be way better than the “popular” songs that get most of the hype these days. To highlight the song “Try“, its a beautiful one man show for AJ McLean, who has sung the entire song with the boys joining in for the chorus. Next is “Love Somebody” which I found a bit on a lower level than the rest of songs that precede it. “One Phone Call” is a perfect boy band song. “Feels Like Home” is a song boasting about the boys being around for over 20 years now and touring around the world for their fans so many times that every other country and city feels like home to them. “Soldier” is another song which I felt that starts off pretty well, but the chorus tune could’ve been more catchier. The album ends with a nice pop and peppy song talking about leaving a “Light On” for the loved one.

Well, I have always said this and would say it again, I would be a really bad choice to review a Backstreet Boys album. To me album is beautiful. Their last album “This Is Us” was good but didn’t live up to the Backstreet standards somehow. The album that was released before it “Unbreakable” was another beautiful album. But I can safely say that “In a World Like This” is better than Unbreakable at some level.

I would give “In a World Like This” an easy 4.5 stars out of 5. And that’s not just because it’s a Backstreet Boys album.

So… What do you feel???



Backstreet Boys – In a World Like This (Video)


The Backstreet Boys released their brand new title track from their upcoming album “In a World Like This”, named the same on the 3rd of July, and now have released the official video for the amazing song.

The song basically speaks about finding true love in world where there is hatred, misconceptions, lack of trust and all sorts of negativity. It talks about being able to find the one that you actually love or is the best suited for you amongst all the commotion that is going around in the world. Its about having the faith in true love and not letting anything else get in the way, as the lyrics go…
“In a world like this where some back down…I, know we’re gonna make it…In a time like this where love comes ’round…I, know we gotta take it…In a world like this where people fall apart…In a time like this where nothing comes from the heart…In a world like this, I’ve got you”.

The video shows the boys singing in a background similar to the one that was shot in their single from “Unbreakable” named “Helpless when She Smiles”, with three couples (old couple, straight and gay couple) shown simultaneously, finding love in the tough world that we live in. The video is without a doubt, beautiful.

Watch the video right here…

The album comes out on the 30th of July worldwide. So do you feel that the Backstreet’s back???

Backstreets Back with a “Permanent Stain” pretty Permanent!


Every blog posting about these guys have been writing this particular line and I am not gonna hold back coz nothing else suits better… “BACKSTREET’S BACK ALRIGHT!!!” Ahh… now I can work peacefully!

The guys have been working their ass off creating a follow-up to their last album “This Is Us”, which came out back in 2009 and this time with the 5th original member ‘Kevin Richardson’ back in the group. The group for the first time performed live their new upcoming single “Permanent Stain” on Good Morning America and the song is AMAZING! The song has got the perfect music, the perfect lyrics and of course… the perfect voices singing the song! Backstreet has shown how tough they can make the so called “boy band war” when actually there is no real competition for these guys. I my opinion, not just the other boy bands, but also all the other artists should start worrying now that boys have geared up! The group released a lyrics video on YouTube recently for the same song. Watch it right here…

How did you like the single??? The single would be out for free download for the fans who purchase the tickets to the “In a World Like This Tour” starting 20th May. The 8th studio album of the boys is titled “In A World Like This” and would be coming out on the 30th of July worldwide. I can’t wait to listen to the album and review it!

Backstreet Boys – This Is Us – Album Review


The Boys are finally back after 2 years, since the release of there last album “Unbreakable”. With this album, they have gone back to where the legacy started. They have used the music style, on which their album before the hiatus which ended up becoming the best sellers ever! Their new album “This Is Us” is out and the buzz shows that the Backstreet craze is back! We are here to see if the album lives to the buzz!

The album contains of the following tracks:-

1) Straight Through My Heart (Soldier Down)

2) Bigger

3) Bye Bye Love

4) All Of Your Life (You Need Love)

5) If I Knew Then

6) This Is Us

7) PDA

8 ) Masquerade

9) She’s A Dream

10) Shattered

11) Undone

12) Helpless (Ft. Pitbull)

Bonus Tracks

13) International Luv

14) Straight Through My Heart (Jason Nevins Mixshow Remix)

15) Trouble (Taiwan Bonus track)

Leaked Tracks

16) Hologram

17) Fallen Angel

Now on with the review…

The album kicks off with the first hit single “Straight Through My Heart”! The song is a really hip-sync-pop number composed by RedOne. It has all the things needed to be a club hit. Their voices are perfectly synced, blending nicely with the lyrics and the beats! “Bigger” is the second song in the album and is the next video single from the album. The song is really amazing. Some other dance RnB style songs are “Bye Bye Love”, “All Of Your Life (You Need Love)”, Masquerade etc! All of ’em are simply awesome! “If Knew Then” is an RnB song, which is sung so brilliantly by the boys, that is automatically makes you feet tap to the beets!

“PDA” is another song, which has grabbed instant attention of the listeners! It is a completely different song that you’ve ever heard from the boys, with cheesy lines like “kissing and touching with my hands all over your booty”! The boys sound damn brilliant!

Then there are some heart touching songs like “Shattered” and “Undone”, both of which are really amazing! “Shattered” just stands out!! Its one of my favs! The title track “This Is Us” was criticized a bit saying that the boys repeat the same three words many times! Come On! The song is really really good! The music has such an awesome soothing tune which takes you to an entirely different world! “She’s A Dream” is the song, which all the four of the boys have composed together with T-Pain! The song starts with “hoo-haa” which at first makes us feel as if it were a dance song, but turns out to be silent song instead!

The only song which I didn’t find as good as the rest of the songs is “International Luv”, which is a Bonus Track! Wait… I didn’t say that the song is bad! What I am saying is that the song isn’t as good as the rest of the songs, but it is good.

Well… I am also going to write a few words about the leaked songs coz I just couldn’t get enough of the boys! To start with this section, I’ll like to begin with “Hologram”! It is such a brilliant piece of talent! The only reason for the song not being able to make to the final version of the album is the fan reviews about the leaked songs before the album was release! Before the song was finalized, people started criticizing the song and now after listening to the final version, they are regretting what they did! Another leaked song is “Fallen Angel”. I don’t have any idea why this song was not included in the album myself. The song is really good with really awesome lyrics.

I would rate the album :-

4.5/5 (Brilliant)

What do you think about the album?

Backstreet Boys – “This Is Us” Coming Soon!!!


Yes Sir! It is now official that Backstreet Boys’s new album named “This Is Us” is coming out on Oct 06th this year! The fans are bursting with craze for the new album!

This news was first given by Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell on Twitter! And recently, Backstreet Boys themselves announced that the news is now official! As soon as the news came up, it became one of the hottest topics online and went up to become one of the trending topics on Twitter for a long time!

Some of the confirmed tracks from the album are:-

  • “Straight Through My Heart” (STMH)  (Nadir “RedOne” Khayat)
  • “Bigger” (Max Martin)
  • “PDA”
  • “Bye Bye Love”
  • “She’s a Dream”

Recently, they released a new single on radio and it is already a blockbuster! The new single is named “Straight Through My Heart” and is based on R&B Pop style of music! Earlier it was decided that the song “PDA” will be released as the single, but it was ultimately it decided that “STMH” would be the first single! The boys have returned to the dance  style after a long time! The song has been produced by The RedOne! The song will be soon available on iTunes for buying!

Wanna listen to the song? Here it is…

How did you find the song? I just loved it straight through my heart!!!

The poster at the top of this post is a pic which was shot in a photo shoot recently for the new album!

Note: PLEASE don’t download songs illegally from the internet! Show your love for songs and your favorite artists by buying the original cds and DVDs and help erase piracy!