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Blue Boyband Is Reunited!!


Reportedly, the boyband “Blue” who created waves with their record breaking songs like “One Love”, “All Rise”, “You Make Me Wanna” etc. are going to return to the music industry with their new album in 2010!

They were formed in 2001 and in 2005 they broke as their popularity was decreasing!

But now they have decided to return to the scene as they have two more album to be recorded according their contract.

This decision of reunion was taken on the 16th of April this year and they said that they’ll start working on the new album as soon as they finish off with a tour of their last Greatest Hits album “Best Of Blue”!


Is anyone excited about their come back? I am not excited but would surely wanna see what they can do after all these years!


Backstreet’s Back To The Studio!!! And More New About Them!


Yes Sir! The boys are at it again!!!

Man! Am sooooo excited top post this as they are “THE” most wonderful and ever rocking band ever if you ask me!!!

So, after long thirteen long months touring round the world promoting their last album “Unbreakable” they are back to the studio recording new tracks!

They have already made a few songs and here is where you can get a little part of their new song called”PDA”!

And in the meanwhile, Howie Dorough had his first baby boy and has named the new “Backstreet Boy” James. James was born on the 6th of this month(May)! Howie says that the name was suggested by AJ Mclean!

BSB now, not only has an official web site, they are there on Facebook, MySpace, Say Now, iLike , Backstreet Blog, Youtube Channel and the most important and happening of all…….Twitter!

Here I’ve given links to there web sites along with a pic of the same! And ya! Don’t forget to follow them on twitter!! They are really cool and funny at times!

The Backstreet Blog!




Youtube Channel!

youtube(Don’t mind that guy’s pic in the video! He’s a BSB fan asking some question to BSB!)

And here is where they welcome all their fans to their official youtube channel!





If you are a BSB fan like me, you would never wanna miss them out on Twitter!

Like they once said in their song “Everybody”…

“As long as there’ll be music, we’ll be coming Back again!!!”

Just can’t wait for their next album! Can you?

Backstreet Boys – Unbreakable’s 3rd Video Single Choices


Its time for the best boy band ever “Backstreet Boys” album “Unbreakable’s” third video single to commence rolling.

Some of the songs, which have got the highest probability of getting transformed into a video are :-

1) Everything But Mine

2) Panic

3) Treat Me Right

4) Any Other Way

It has been long since we’ve seen the boys groove like they did in “Everybody”, “Larger Than Life” and “Get Down”. I just wish that, they do some dance numbers like “Everything But Mine” and “Any Other Way” in “Unbreakable” again. I know that they have matured and all but, they don’t seem so “Boys” enough without their peppy dance songs and have turned into Backstreet “Men”. Over the years, they have turned more and more serious. The song “I Wish” from their last album “Never Gone” was good, but not as peppy as “Everybody” etc. This time they have got good danceable songs and they should use them well.

I heard some rumors that the Italian fans of the boy band are going to get the chance of choosing the song for the third video single and that the third video will be a mix of the first two! I hope that those things remain rumors and the boys make a new video instead of mixing the first two.

The album “Unbreakable” was their best till date according to me and they should make as best video as possible to get back their on top.

Watch the first two videos


Helpless When She Smiles

Which song do you want as their third video single ?

BSB’s Unreleased Song Now Out!


A song, which was not included or rather removed by the boys from their last album “Unbreakable”, is now out. Well, personally I liked it. More than 90% of the song is sung by Nick Carter and only the chorus part is sung by the rest of he boys.

Want to listen??

Another video was released for the song “Helpless When She Smiles” from the same album a few weeks ago. No doubt about it that the video is cool.

Watch it now…

AJ McLean’s Solo Album




The Backstreet Boy, AJ McLean has almost completed recording his first solo album and is obviously pretty much excited about it too. His manager was quoted saying about AJ that,”After 13 years with the Backstreet Boys, and 75 million records sold worldwide, A.J.’s excited to take a step out on his own and present his music, in his style. He’s excited to connect to his fans on a one-on-one basis at smaller venues – something you can’t do in large arenas – and to give them a taste of some of the music that will appear on his first solo record later this year.”

He is also recording for the Backstreet Boys’s next album as was mentioned in one of my previous posts.

Some of the songs of his solo album are :-

1) What If

2) I Hate It When You’re Gone

3) London

I’ll post the rest of the tracks names of his solo album as soon as I get some reliable information on it.

So? Are you looking forward to his first solo album? I am! Best Of Luck to our Backstreet Boy – AJ McLean!!