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Does Anyone Remember ‘Whose Line It Is’ After all? Its Back!!!

tumblr_mizujylNRF1qz4cuyo1_1280Remember that show where 4 guys used to crack unthinkable and the funniest jokes that you could ever hear and instantaneously??? Well if you don’t, then you seriously have missed out on a heck of show! And for the ones who have seen the show and been a fan like I have, here is a great news for you all! ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’ is in for an entirely new run this July!!!

Best part about the show is that the original cast except for Drew Carey are back for the reboot! A short 5 mins clipping has been released from the upcoming season and trust me, it brings back the same feeling that the show had back in days, just that Drew Carey might be missed a little, with Aisha Tyler as the new host. But that can still be compromised having Wayne Brady, Ryan Stiles, and Colin Mochrie back doing what they do best! The theme of video revolves around a little something called ‘90210’ fever.

Well… this will help in turning down the so-called Fever!!! I just hope that the other guys Charles Esten, Greg Proops and remaining gang also return to the show and create the magic they created last time!

The show will premier on the 16th of July! Excited??? I am!!!


Linkin Park’s New Single “Burn It Down” – Review!!!


The band had recently announced that they would be releasing a new single named “Burn It Down” and its finally out! The song is good! Not the “really awesome types” good that Linkin Park is actually capable of, but still good. The song has lots and lots of digital sounds in it, which at times makes sound like a pop song, but then the rock part comes in, which reminds us “oh yeah…Linkin Park…Rock…right!!”. It mostly reminds me of their single for Transformers 2, “New Divide”, the way Chester sings his part, the way the music goes and all.

Well there were quite a lot speculations going around about how the album would be, but this song makes me feel that they have stuck to there “A Thousand Suns” kind of style, i.e. with more meaning in the lyrics and lots of digital music in the background.

The song is all about how people try build up things and try live upto their own and other’s expectations, but then eventually, they themselves end up destroying what they have built, as the lyrics go “We’re building it up, to break it back down… we’re building it up, to burn it down…we can’t wait to burn it to the ground”.

The music video to the song will be out soon, though the official lyric video got released on YouTube just today(16th April, 2012). Here is the lyric video…

The album is named “Living Things” and it would be coming out on the 26th of June, 2012. And here is the song for iTunes download.

And here is the track-list of the album:


So what are your thoughts on the song and expectations from the album???

Enrique Likes How It Feels – New Single!!!

Enrique is back with his new single “I Like How It Feels” featuring Pitbull (again). The rapper had appeared in the first single off the last album “Euphoria” named “I Like It”. Frankly… I felt that this song is way…way better than its two words younger brother.

The song came out last week and I know it’s a bit late to review a week old song, but still, since I liked it, thought of writing a post. So, the song for a change is not about any girl who ditches Enrique or about how he likes a girl on top of him or about how he likes to see a sexy girl pole dancing in front of him. The song talks about Enrique’s way to success and how great he feels to be where he is today. The song has fab music and effects to it, which actually makes us like how it feels to listen to it.

The video of the single is great. It has been directed by Enrique himself and features many celebs like Eva Longoria, George Lopez, Ken Jeong(the chinese guy from ‘Hangover’) and some others like them! The video is mainly dedicated to Enrique’s fans. There are some behind the scenes videos merged in the music video itself, showing how crazy fans get at concerts and all the fun stuffs that Enrique and his friends do while in studio or out of studio. Well, watch the video right here and decide how much you like how Enrique feels! And oh… the chinese guy has done it again! See how he brings Hangover crazyness into the video!


Bruno Mars says “It Will Rain”!!!

Just when I was wondering that I didn’t get to listen anything new & “good” from any of my favorite artists,  I get a  mail from a subscription that I had made on the official Bruno Mars website saying “Listen To The NEW SINGLE – It Will Rain!” !!! And I go “Phew…Thank God!”

Yup! The “Grenade” hit maker is back with a new single named “It Will Rain”. The song is going to feature in the highly anticipated upcoming movie “Twilight: Breaking Dawn”! Highly anticipated because people and media say so. Personally speaking, this song is the only thing that I’m excited or happy about! Not interested in movie at all. No offences meant! The song is subtle, sweet and wonderful. I don’t know how the guy does it everytime. Every song by Bruno seems so wonderful in its own way. They should make a new genre of songs called “Bruno” especially for him. The lyrics, the music, the beats and off course, the singing are really good, though they don’t match upto the standards of “Grenade”, “Just the way you are” or “Liquor Store Blues”, but still, like I said earlier, its beautiful in its own way!

Listen to the song right here!

You can download the song on iTunes here !

Update: Guys! The official video to this beautiful song is up now. The video is about Bruno, an up coming musician ( I guess) and a girl who are in love and are leading a happy life. But eventually things start to fall apart when Bruno is not able to find enough time to be with his girl, being busy making music throughout the day and all night long, which makes his girlfriend feel ignored and so on. It has scenes from “Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part I” movie as well. Watch the official video right here!

So…What are your thoughts???

AJ McLean New Video Single “Teenage Wildlife”

Oh yeah! The rockstar from the Backstreet Boys has finally released his first video single from his solo debut album “Have It All”!

The video has been picturised on the song named “Teenage Wildlife”, which is an awesome dance song! The video starts as AJ with some of his friends looks for his love, and AJ’s love happens to be someone who is in a wild creature’s outfit (maybe that’s why they have named the song “Teenage Wildlife”)! So, in search of his love, AJ and his friends enter into a club which is full of people in suits of wild animals . AJ, after half of the song finally finds his love and to his surprise finds another ‘wild creature’ who also loves that same girl, with whom AJ is in love with and he challenges AJ to a dance battle!

Now, I think it would be better if you actually watch the video and see how the story ends. It is a different kind of music video but it always feels great to see AJ dance to awesome music and beets like in this song! So, get ready to get pumped up!

So, what do you think about it???