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Its raining Trailers all the way!!!

Ever since I wrote a post on the new trailer of “The Amazing Spider-Man”, some or the other movie with awesome trailer has been coming up… and for some reason, the idea of putting up a post for just a single trailer every time dint feel right. So I thought of waiting a while before making a post so that I can write about 2-3 movies together and guess what? I ended up getting a trailers for 8 movies and even a small clipping from a certain movie! By the looks of it, this year has lots and lots of freakingly awesome movies to hit the big screen! And here they are…

1) Seeking a friend for the end of the world

I am expecting an anti-climax for this one. Don’t know what you feel about this movie, but I surely am looking forward to watch this flick!

2) John Carter

3) Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

4) G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation

5) Marvel Avengers Assemble

Warning! Watching this trailer might not prove good for your health! It has a serious amount of awesomeness in it! Can cause hyper excitement!!!

6) Despicable Me 2

The first one was really nice! And those minions… not only are they really funny and cute, they also played a major role in the success of the first flick! And here they are… coming back again!

7) The Bourne Legacy

and… saving the best for the last…

8) The Dark Knight Rises

I’m sure most of you might have already seen this, but still, any post on upcoming movies would be incomplete without mentioning “The Dark Knight Rises”!

And here is the clipping from the movie, “The Hunger Games”, another flick, which is high on the must watch list of this year!

So… which is the movie that you can’t wait to watch???


Prince Of Persia Comes To Life

One of my all time favorite games is finally at the verge of hitting the theatres! Walt Disney Pictures is about to release the movie “Prince Of Persia – Sands Of Time” this month-end (May ’10).

The movie is basically based on the first part of the game series “Sands Of Time”, with bits from two of the next installments to the series ,”Warrior Within” and “The Two Thrones”. Jake Gyllenhaal plays the role of Prince Dastan in the movie, and in my opinion he fits in perfectly as far as looks are concerned. Can’t say much about the acting part till I actually get to watch the movie. Though he is a brilliant actor but then, who knows (no offenses meant)…

Here are a few stills from the movie ,which make it pretty much evident that Jake has done his home work sincerely for the movie …

The movie trailer is quite impressive, and it boasts the special effects and other awesome visual treats included in the movie! It also shows Jake perform wall to wall jumps and the other stunts from the game counterpart!Y ou can watch the trailer right here!

The trailer has caught my attention… what about you?

Max Payne 3 – Game Scans and Details!!


OH! Is this GREAT or what!

Max Payne is finally returning! Description about the story of the game has been released and man! It rocks!

Max Payne, in the third game leaves New York city and moves to Sao Paolo, Brazil. He has become an addict to the pain killers and this is surely going to have a huge impact on the gameplay! He looks older than the previous games, as you can see in  the pic above, which is because the game has been set 15 years after the last one i.e. in 2015! The voice actor is different than the previous ones. A heavier one to be precise!

Now, a bit about the gameplay.

The environment around is fully destructible! Bullet time is now much more violent and intense! The game is having an online mode.

Well.. I saw this video on youtube and I’ve seen the same thing on other websites claiming that it is a teaser! Well.. it could be!

Wanna see it? Here it is!

Wanna know more about the story? Just read it from the scans after zooming it on clicking!

Here they are!





The games is going to be released this winter! I can’t wait for it to come out! Can you?

Thanks to Gossipgamers for the details.

For wallpapers and avatar downloads click here.

Need For Speed Undercover

OK! This is my first post on games section! And what better game to start with than the hottest topic online “Need For Speed Undercover”.

This one could give back the real Need For Speed effect, which was not found since NFS Carbon. Most Wanted was the last and the most successful Need For Speed of all time and it is said that they are doing something same with this one too.

This game will bring back many of the racing styles like Sprint, Circuit, Highway Battles and this time a new one called the “Heist”. The story is in the title itself that the police will go undercover to the criminal city and the criminals will be taking up many dangerous jobs.

Six criminal characters named Carmen, Chau Wu, “G-Mac”, Hector Maio, “Nickel”, and Zack Maio (new characters), an acquaintance to “G-Mac”, Caleb Reece, from Underground 2 and Isabel “Izzy” Diaz, from Most Wanted, and , are listed as acquaintances to Hector Maio.

This time they are even including online mode for the game with four player doing the criminal activities and the other four players trying to stop them from doing so and playing the role of police and then there would be those normal racing modes also awailable for the online playing.

The game will be releasing on 18th of November and will be available on all the gaming consoles from X Box 360 to mobile phones.

Watch the videos that show the game play and a few of the character and other exciting features….

This is gonna be exiting!!