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Max Payne 3 – First Trailer and More!!!

After over a year, this is my first post in the games section on this blog. Once I got to know about it, I just couldn’t wait to write a post on it, and why wouldn’t I? Max Payne has been one of my favorite series of all times. The story line…the special effects… the characters…the dialogs… and boy…that background violin music that sends chills down my spine every time it plays in the game, everything about this game has always excited me. And when I came to know that there would be a third installment to the blockbuster series… my excitement level blew the roofs off!

This update about the game is THE major one since when the game was announced. The first trailer of the game was released by Rockstar Games just yesterday(14th Sept 2011). Going by what can be grabbed from the trailer, things have changed a lot in the world of Max Payne. Max is no longer a cop, or maybe he is just done being one. You can find him saying “I ain’t no cop no more” in the trailer. He moves to Sao Paolo, Brazil and is jobless. Later he is appointed as a protection agent for certain high-profile people in the God forbidden city. Somehow, this time again, Max ends up trying to protect another girl…and by the looks of it, it doesn’t seem that things work out quite the way that were supposed to.

The trailer is intense. The action and the drama seem to have doubled this time. The slow mo, bullet time effects prevail…well that is quite obvious as those were the features that made the game stand out, and off course, the narration by Max and his intense voice that plays a key role in keeping the mood of the game going. Just thinking about these things itself brings back the old days of Max Payne 1 and 2. Though, the major difference that can be noted is his looks. The handsome cop suddenly going bald was a subject of concern among the fans, but the reason for his newly found avatar has been explained in the trailer itself! I guess it would be better to watch the trailer here than letting me kill the fun of y’all actually watching all the action happening! So, here it is…

So? Any thoughts?


Max Payne 3 – Game Scans and Details!!


OH! Is this GREAT or what!

Max Payne is finally returning! Description about the story of the game has been released and man! It rocks!

Max Payne, in the third game leaves New York city and moves to Sao Paolo, Brazil. He has become an addict to the pain killers and this is surely going to have a huge impact on the gameplay! He looks older than the previous games, as you can see in  the pic above, which is because the game has been set 15 years after the last one i.e. in 2015! The voice actor is different than the previous ones. A heavier one to be precise!

Now, a bit about the gameplay.

The environment around is fully destructible! Bullet time is now much more violent and intense! The game is having an online mode.

Well.. I saw this video on youtube and I’ve seen the same thing on other websites claiming that it is a teaser! Well.. it could be!

Wanna see it? Here it is!

Wanna know more about the story? Just read it from the scans after zooming it on clicking!

Here they are!





The games is going to be released this winter! I can’t wait for it to come out! Can you?

Thanks to Gossipgamers for the details.

For wallpapers and avatar downloads click here.

No Dragonball Live Action Trailer With Max Payne


This is one the most saddening news I’ve ever posted on my blog.

The trailer, which was going to be released with the movie “Max Payne” on the 17th of this month, has now been canceled.  Fox says that, the special effects in the movie are yet to be completed and that they the trailer will be released a little later this year. They have even asked the fan site of the same to remove the leaked trailer, just because they were only meant for the brand licensing and not for online publishing.

They have not said the fan sites to do so in a rude manner, but in an extremely polite manner.

I was sad when I read the news, but then everything happens for something good. We can now think that the trailer will be much better than what we have seen before. So, instead of being sad, we should be much more excited for the trailer which will be released with more special effects.

You can read the request to remove the trailers here.

Thanks to dbthemovie.com for the news.

Max Payne The Movie


The live action movie of one of the highest rated games of all times is about to release next month. A trailor was released a few months ago and seeing the trailor, I wasn’t able to understand many things. I hope it has got all the fantastic visual effects the game had and now being a movie with an extremely high budget, it should have much more than what the game had.

The trailor….

A few pics…

payne2-(2) payne3 payne4

I hope the movie continues the reputation built by the game.

What do you think?

Good News Dragon Ball Live Action Fans!!!!


The Max Payne movie is coming out this October on 17th. Guess what Max Payne’s movie has got to do with DB’s live action?

Yes!!! 20th Century Fox will debut the Dragon Ball live action’s trailer with the release of Max Payne’s movie.

This news was informed by “”ComingSoon.net” to “dbthemovie.com“. We’ll have to just wait and see if the trailer is up to our expectations or not.

It may be that the trailer may come online earlier the month. Well nothing can be said as on now. According to IGN, the date of the release of the trailer cannot be assured. All we can to until then is just pray for it to release as soon as possible.

More updates on the topic will be posted as soon as I get more.