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Transformers 3: Dark of The Moon: 2nd Teaser!!!

No words! The teaser is really good! Seems that Michael Bay has pulled off everything he had as far as can be seen in the teaser which was launched at Super Bowl! Watch it here! I don’t have anything else to say or type here!



Transformers 3 – Dark of the Moon! Official Trailer Out!!!

They are coming back… to avenge the fall they had in the last movie, “Revenge of the Fallen”, but this time with a whole new villain “Shockwave” who’ll be having a head on clash with Optimus Prime!

The second installment wasn’t as good as the first movie or should I say no where close to what the first movie was. All we can do is hope that this movie turns out to be good one. The movie has been title “Dark of the Moon”. Well… as far as the news goes, this movie is going to be the last and final installment to the title. If this is true, then Michael Bay better make this movie as rocking as possible. The Autobots not only have to clash with the Decepticons, but also with the Harry Potter, coz even the Part 2 of the last installment of Harry Potter would be releasing at the same time or somewhere near to Transformer 3 ‘s release!

The trailer for the third installment is out and by the looks of it, it surely seems to be good, even though not much has been revealed in it. Watch it now…

So, What are your thoughts???

Linkin Park Gives Music For Transformers 2 – Revenge Of The Fallen!


Transformers 2 – Revenge Of The Fallen is at the verge of getting released. Its promotional video is here and guess what?

Linkin Park has given the movie its title track and Man! It simply ROCKS! Linkin Park had also given the title track for the first movie named “What I’ve Done”. The name of this new track is “New Divide and you can see it here!

Here is a glimpse of the making!

Here’s the trailer!

So? How did you find it?

Transformers 2 Revenge Of The Fallen :- In 2009


All the bots are going to return again in 2009 and fight for survival. The success of the first movie has lead to its sequel “Revenge Of The Fallen”. Megatron and Optimus Prime are going to have a head-on-head collision to get their victory and emerge as the superior.

The first movie was extremely good with kick-ass realistic action scenes and so, we can expect a lot lot more from this one. I’ve got news that the new DVD sets of the previous movie, Transformers 1 is now providing with a sneak preview of its sequel. I will definitely post all the videos as soon I get them online.

A few, which I found online have been posted below…


What do you feel about the sequel???