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How to Train your Dragon 2 – Movie Review!!!


This had been one of the most awaited animated movies of this year. After the success of the first part, there were loads of expectations that were clinging on to the sequel. And i can safely say that they have stood tall to all the expectations that atleast I had from the flick. So Hickup and Night Fury are back with the rest of the Berk island members and the dragons and to describe how the adventure was this time round in one word would be “FreakingAmazinglyAwesome”!

The movie has everything that is needed to make a third movie possible. The humor, the fast paced action, the drama, the emotions and the animation… It is a complete package. The humor would make you laugh while clapping your hands, the action would push you to the edge of your seats and the emotional scenes would ring that emotional bell in your hearts. The story goes around Hickup finally meeting his long lost mother after 20 years, who he thought was actually dead, and a character named Drogo Bludvist, who unlike our hero Vikings, likes to ride and control the dragons by means of force and punishments. And so you end up having two sides to the dragons going at each other. Toothless, the beloved Night Fury has (off course) a major role to play in the movie as he discovers pretty exciting things about himself and has to go through a heck of a ride trying to protect his friend Hickup all through out the movie.

I just can’t wait for the next movie, which was confirmed back in 2010 itself and is already slated for release in 2016. I would give the movie an easy 4 out of 5 stars!!!

****/5 Hope you like it just as much!



Chester To Finish Off Solo Before LP’s Next





Chester, the vocalist of the band Linkin Park has decided to complete his solo album before the band’s next album, which has been planned to be released next year. 

Beside working on Linkin park’s follow up to Minutes To Midnight, Chester is also working on his other band “Dead By The Sunrise” which is going to be melodic in contrast to LP and is hoping to release the band’s first album next year. Chester says he should have no problem juggling between the two, and adds that if it were an issue he would never done the solo set. He says that both he and Mike Shinoda, know that nothing they do outside of the band should affect the group in a bad manner.

The singer says that, he can never ignore Linkin Park and that he loves it very very much :- “That’s my baby. That’s my band. Those are my best friends. The last thing I want to do is compromise what we’re doing.”

Watch Chester speak on the topic here.

Best wishes to Chester and both of his band!!!

Thanks to www.truveo.com for the video.


Linkin Park Planning To Release Next Album In 2009





Linkin Park, which released its “Minutes To Midnight” after 4 years long break since its “Meteora” in 2003, is planning to release its next album in 2009 and has already started working on a few songs. Sources say that the band doesn’t want to repeat the gap of 4 years again and is wishing to be as consistent as possible.

Mike Shinoda was quoted saying to The Pulse of Radio that "Actually I’ve been doing a couple of studio dates out on the road, which is new for me," and that "I did a date when we were touring in Germany, one date in Prague, a bunch of dates in New York, and I’m excited about that. It’s been very cool for us. So long story short, we’ve been putting in a lot of work and hopefully we could have a new record out next year."

The band was engaged in its tour “Projekt Revolution tour”, till August 24 and now may concentrate on their next album.

Well, Minutes To Midnight was quite good, but many of the LP fans found it rather slow than the previous albums of the band. I hope that they regain their speed in their songs and fulfill their fan’s(including me) wishes.