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Eminem’s Novel – The Way I am


The rapper legend’s new novel named “The Way I Am” is breaking records!

Well all the fans know how Shady is always spitting out his anger on all the things that he has to go through and on all those things, which he has already experienced in his life! He has done the same thing in “The Way I Am”. He tells about his two times ex-wife, Kim Mathers and about his close friend D12 rapper, Proof, who got murdered.

He says that, it was actually supposed to be a scrap book of his fans, but when it all completed, it turned into a novel sot of “thing”. He has re-invented a style of writing novels i.e. in a comic format. Yup! That means, almost half of the novel is in novel format and the rest is normal. He has added a few pictures, taken by himself and added dialogs to give it a whole new effect. He has also added two dozen examples of hand written lyrics, to show his fans, the way he prepares his songs for example “Stan”, “My Name Is”

“Rap is one big Fantasy Island, It’s the place I always retreat to when things get too hectic in real time.”

He has also mentioned about how bad he felt after the death of his closest bussy Proof. “After he passed, it was a year before I could really do anything normally again. It was tough for me to even get out of bed, and I had days when I couldn’t walk, let alone write a rhyme. When I tried to put my thoughts together — well, I wasn’t making sense when I spoke, so everyone was trying to keep me off TV and away from the press.”

But even after mentioning almost everything in his life, guess one thing or person he doesn’t mention! Yup! You guessed it! His mother! Well, his mother has also got a novel “My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem”.

If you want to know more about it, then just go and buy it!


Eminem’s New Song Out! – “Im Having A Relapse”

Yo Yo Yo !!

Guess whose back ? Back Again ? Shady’s back!!

Yup!! After almost 5 years, we’ve got one song from his new album “King Mathers” (supposedly). The song’s name is “I’m having a relapse” and it seems that it is the intro song of the album. Starts with all the “chicka – chicka”, “guess who’s back” and continues with “kicking a**” and all.

Man!! Feels so great to listen to him again!

Listen to it now!!

So?! Ain’t it cool !! ??

Update: The song has been given the title “Relapse”.

Eminem Thrilled About His Next Album!




                     Eminem00014453 is thrilled about his new album, which he had started working and recording last September.

                     He was quoted saying “It feels good right now, the energy of the label. For a while, I didn’t want to go back to the studio… I went through some personal things. I’m coming out of those personal things [and] it feels good” by an entertainment daily.

                     This will be his fifth album, after the last which was released in 2004.

Man! Their is no doubt that this one is going to be another kick-ass album. Further updates on this topic will be posted later.

Eminem Is Coming Back!!!!

It has been almost 4 years now that Eminememinem is  out of the scene and guess what????

Shady is returning back with his new album soon this year. All these years he has undergone many inconvenient situations and he will spit out all his emotions, anger and feelings with the release of his new album and the world will once again listen to his emotions in a Hip-Hop style.

Well I can’t say what the name of his new album is and anything about its release date, but I assure you that I’ll blog about it as soon as I know about it.

Man!! I am waiting anxiously to listen to the new Shady after soooooo long!!