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Amazing Spider Man 2 – Movie Review!!!


Spidey is back and how!!! The sequel to the ‘Amazing’ Spider-Man franchise, that rebooted the Tobey Maguire’s SpiderMan series is here and has done a pretty decent job. Before starting to talk about the movie, a take on the comparison with Tobey’s version. The Amazing series is more flashy and more beyond reality kinda movie, whereas Tobey’s version used to seem more grounded and more real, even though his version of Spider Man was even more gifted with real web shooting from his wrists, unlike Andrew Garfield’s version who uses machine to shoot webs. But the way the villains and the technology itself is depicted in the Amazing series is a bit far-fetched. Moreover, the script writers have done a good  making this movie go in a bit different path, while staying loyal to the original story line. So in other words, both the series cannot be compared.

Will try NOT to make this post a spoiler for the people who are looking froward to watch the flick.

The movie has new actors joining the franchise for the sequel, Jamie Foxx as the Electro, Dane DeHan as Harry Osborn and the remaining characters from the first movie reprising their roles. Having the main villain as Electro, expect loads and loads of light shows in the movie. The writers have done a good job linking the first movie with the sequel, talking about the reality of Peter’s parents. The action sequence is off charts. The stunts and dramatic slow motions in between have been placed very well. Some of scenes felt a bit visually exaggerated though, like the scene where Spidey and Electro fight at the power station the power grids start lighting up as if they are acting like the equalizer to the background score playing. The movie does feel like it is being dragged a bit somewhere during the middle of the story but then it picks up again and runs to the end. Other than Electro, Spidey also has two other villain to fight, Green Goblin and Rhino. Rhino is hardly there in the movie though, but the evolution of Green Goblin has been shown well, as to how the hatred starts filling in Harry’s head against Spider Man and eventually his buddy Peter Parker.

The movie is a ride filled with excitement, action, drama, emotions and one heck of a light show. Would stop right here, before I spill out some important parts of the story. I would give the movie a 3 and Half stars out of 5.


So how did you find the movie?


PS: There is a scene after credits you might wanna watch out for!!!


Thought Man of Steel was Awesome? Think Again!!! Sequel News!


Do I seriously have to say anything more? Come 2015, the Man of Steel is going to get even more stronger and what you see in the pic above is going to be the highlight of the movie. Yes!!! Batman is going to be in the movie. It was announced at Comic Con and the crowd, it shouldn’t come as a surprise, went CRAZY!

Watch the Comic Con announcement right here!

According to reports, Christopher Nolan would be producing the sequel, which just adds to the excitement all together. The only kicker here is that  Christian Bale won’t be returning as Batman. Well going by the storyline it does make sense, but it would have been amazing to have Dark Knight going along side Man of Steel. All we can do now is wait.


After the Dark Knight, Here comes the Man of Steel!!!

The Dark Knight Rises has just hit the screens and now we already have another hero to look forward or… rather look “up” to… the Man of Steel, the Superman!!! The first trailer of the movie that is supposed to come out in the summer of 2013 is out and is creating the buzz it should be creating.

Well… I would take my own time to comment on the movie, coz by what the trailer has to show, there’s nothing much that can be made out. Well, for one, there are a lot of big names attached to the movie, like  Christopher Nolan, the director of the Dark Knight Trilogy , Zack Snyder, the director of Watchmen and 300, so you can expect this one to be another record breaker. I am a big fan of the TV series “Smallville”, which portrayed the journey of Clark Kent on becoming the Super Man, which was lively and kinda light, but by the looks of it, this movie seems to be a lot different from the series and could be somewhere in the lines of the Dark Knight Trilogy, with a more serious touch to it.

Watch the trailer right here…

Any thoughts???

The Amazing Spider-Man – New trailer out!!!

The latest “The Amazing Spider-Man” movie trailer is out and its freaking awesome! The movie seems to have a dark touch to it as I had mentioned in my last post. The story will be revolving around an ‘Untold Story’ about the super hero, which involves his late father Mr. Parker to having been involved in a secret scientific research at the time when he was still alive, which was supposed to change the lives of millions. And when the research actually gets over, it gives birth to a demon whom we know better as “Dr. Lizard”. The movie would focus more on unfolding the story of Peter’s parents, as he tries to find out all the facts regarding how they meet their demise, which is never mentioned of in the original series.

Well… the trailer looks amazing, and I for one, have already buckled up for the flick. The effects look really awesome as far as can be made out from the trailer. Remaining… I would let you all to decide for yourselves. Watch the trailer right here…

So… what are your thoughts about it?

Its Gonna Rain Movies in 2012!!!

2012 is just round the corner and there’s not one…not two…not even just three, but loads and loads of highly anticipated movies lined up for their release. I won’t be talking much about the movies, coz the list itself is going to make the post look the longest one on this blog.

The list starts (as per the release dates) with:

1) ‘Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance’

A hero going dark… with some serious action and drama… this installment of Ghost Rider is expected to be a page turner for the hero’s storyline! Well… the trailer speaks almost entirely for the movie.

2) ‘The Hunger Games’

A movie on a reality show, which actually has the capability to change the face of the reality of the lives of contestants itself! You lose the game and you lose your life.

3) ‘American Reunion’

The original cast of the American Pie series comes together for a High-School reunion. And it’s so very obvious that nothings gonna be normal when Jim, Michelle and friends come together.

4) ‘The Avengers’

Well… I’ve already spoken a lot on this one in a post dedicated to this movie! The only hero I’m concerned about in this flick is Iron-Man! Others don’t really matter to me. No offences meant…

5) ‘The Dictator’

Now this is something that I am waiting eagerly for. The trailer itself made me roll out of my chair. Can’t think of what’s gonna happen I’ll actually be watching the movie.

6) ‘Men in Black II’

Yup! The Men in Black are on their way back to the silver screens across the globe again! This time Will Smith is not only on a mission to catch the aliens, but also find his own team mate…’Kay’.

7) ‘Battleship’

Another game that turns into a live action movie. This movie is based on Hasbro’s classic naval combat game. Haven’t played the game yet, but still the trailer itself has managed to build the excitement for the movie.

8) ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’

This is another super hero going dark! Not only is Peter Parker different this time with Andrew Garfield filling in the spot, but the story line is also going to be different from what was seen in Toby Maguire’s version of Spider-Man. The movie has a dark touch to it, kinda like what was seen in Dark Knight.

9) ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

The hero who started the whole ‘going dark’ trend himself might meet his ultimate demise in the third and the final installment of the trilogy. With ‘Bane’ as the villain, who is otherwise known as the ‘Man who broke the Bat’ in the comic series, this might be the last time Bruce Wayne will be the Bat Man!

Well…thats about it. There are many other movies that haven’t been mentioned in the list, coz the list just won’t end that way. Some of the movies that are not mentioned are “Expendables 2”, “Wrath of the Titans”, “Prometheus”, “G.I. Joe: Retaliation” etc. So… is there any movie that you are excited about?

Spider-Man 4 errr… Spider-Man 1… Whatever – Updates!!!

OMG! Isn’t that the phrase that comes to your mind on watching this pic??? Well… it sure was in my case!

Spider-Man 4 has been the (and when I say the, I mean THE) highest rated, viewed and commented topic on this blog ever since I wrote them! And so… here is something more for you all to view and comment!

As I’ve already mentioned in  my previous post that the Spider-Man saga is going to be rebooted instead of adding a new installment to the series, there was quite a huge confusion among fans about who is going to be the next Spidey Boy! Well… here it is! The next friendly neighbourhood is gonna be Andrew Garfield and if you ask me, I am all for it. The guy seems quite a good fit for the role. Another news is that the villain for the movie is gonna be Dr. Curt Connors / The Lizard who would be played by Rhys Ifans.  Gwen Stacy’s role would be played by Emma Stone and all the other actors for all the roles have also been changed.

The title for the movie has not been decided as on now. The movie has been planned to be released during the mid i.e. around June/July next year (2012) in 3D! So, this one is going to be or rather should be more realistic and exciting, coz its gonna be a tough job to replace Tobey Maguire with Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man and bring about the same craze among the hardcore fans!

Any thoughts???

Iron Man 2 – Surprise After Credits! Thor’s Cameo! (Don’t Miss It)

Oh boy! I was darn surprised when I saw this! The movie was stupendous, but who would have thought that they could have such a huge surprise left waiting after the credits!!!

Well, by the looks of it, it seems that the next installment would have Mighty Thor in it! See the clipping right here!!!

I don’t know how long I can keep the video here, so watch it when you can! And do tell me about your thoghts too!

Boy! I just can’t wait to see the next installment!