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Fast & Furious 7 – Review!!!


I would like to start the review stating that “Fast & Furious 7” is a beautiful tribute to the late star Paul Walker. I actually had tears roll down my chin as the movie ended with the song “See you again”. The movie has everything. It has rib tickling funny scenes from Tyrese Gibson’s character, mouth shutting dialogues from Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, stunts that would make you sit on the edge of your seats and this goes without saying, jaw dropping action scenes by virtually everyone in the movie. In one scene Dwayne actually ‘Rock Bottomed’ Jason Statham.

I will try to refrain myself from letting out any spoilers (Sorry for the ‘Rock Bottom’ spoiler above though!). The movie has everything that you would expect it should have and everything that you never thought that any movie could have! I had seen all of the trailers a minimum of 50 times each before I went for the movie, and the movie still managed to make me feel as if I was watching for the first time! I even had the dialogues by hearted from the trailers, for instance Dwayne’s “Daddy’s gotta go to work”, Tyrese’s “Can somebody just walk me through what we’re supposed to do” and Diesel’s “I don’t have friends… I got family”, but when these were said in the movie, they had so much more impact to them.

The stunts that have been performed in the movie are just stupendous, even though they defy all the laws of Newton! For instance the one where the FnF crew jump off of a plane while sitting in their cars, following which there is another amazing heart stopping stunt where Paul Walker jumps off a falling bus towards Michelle’s car which she drifts to the edge of the cliff to catch Paul!

For me personally, the movie had a huge sentimental attachment, alongside all of the stunts and action and emotions that were flowing through the movie. All for the one without whom the franchise might not have been what it is today… “Paul Walker”. The movie without a doubt would have been way better had things been otherwise, but following the unfortunate tragedy, I would say that there could not have been a better way for the movie to end and have a curtain call for the character ‘Brain O’ Conner’. And hats off to Paul’s brothers Cody Walker and Caleb Walker who helped filling in Paul’s shoes to finish a few bits of scenes that were yet to be shot by Paul.

“See You Again”

It’s a beautiful song dedicated to the late Paul Walker.

 The movie is most definitely set to break loads of box office records. It has already broken the pre booking record set by the second installment of ‘Captain America’ last year (2014).

My rating : ***** (5 Stars)

Hope you all enjoy/ed it just as much!

God Bless Paul Walker!


Tribute to Paul Walker!!!



Since I have not been posting any posts on the blog and wanted to start putting materials up again, I thought of starting with a post as tribute for the late Fast and Furious star Paul Walker. I would be making this post more of a personal point.

It has been 3 weeks since the tragic passing away of actor Paul Walker and even till this point it has proved difficult to absorb the same fact. I have been on a Fast and Furious marathon ever since.  I know for one that many of his fans like myself never actually realized how much we  loved and admired the actor till when the tragic accident took place. It is just because many of us were so much touched or rather connected to Paul’s role as Brian O’Conner in the Fast and Furious franchise in such a way that we never realized that anything of the sort was actually even in existence. I never knew the guy in person, but somehow, the incident has made a sour impact in my head. Sadly, it has been only after the incident that I had started viewing his interviews and other videos on YouTube, and I actually felt that, he was almost exactly the same kind of person he used act like onscreen. His dressing style, his way of speaking and this lifestyle, all in all was so much like a common man.

I would try to review the late actor’s final complete movie, i.e. Hours, once I watch it. Since the 7th installment to the mega franchise series “Fast and Furious” was only mid way when the accident took place, Paul’s brother would be playing Paul’s part for the remaining film to shoot the exit of Paul’s character from the series. Well, it would be difficult to watch O’Conner being removed from the action packed series, which was built on with one of the base pillars as O’Conner himself.

All we can do now is hope that Paul’s sole rests in peace and may God bless him and his family and friends.

Watch the video which was posted as tribute to Paul Walker by the Fast and Furious family.

God Bless!!!

Fast And Furious 4 Releasing Next Year!!


After the grand success of the previous three movies, Universal Pictures are ready with their next block buster “Fast And Furious 4:- London Pursuit”.

The movie will continue from where the first movie had ended. Sources have said that according Universal studio’s description, “When a crime brings them back to L.A., fugitive ex-con Dom Toretto (Diesel) reignites his feud with agent Brian O’Conner (Walker). But as they are forced to confront a shared enemy, Dom and Brian must give in to an uncertain new trust if they hope to outmanuever him.”

The movie is set to release on June 5, 2009. Director Justin Lin has said that he will retire the series of “Fast And The Furious” after making one more movie after “London Pursuit.”

The movie will go back to the streets where it all began.

The star cast is as follows:-

Paul Walker     …    Brian O’Conner

Vin Diesel     …    Dominic Toretto

Laz Alonso     …    Fenix

Michelle Rodriguez     …    Letty

Jordana Brewster     …    Mia Toretto

Kofi Natei     …    Main Thug

Gal Gadot     …    Gisele

John Ortiz     …    Antonio Braga

Sung Kang     …    Han

Tego Calderon     …    Tash

Ron Yuan     …    David Park

Liza Lapira     …    Agent Sophie Trinh

Shea Whigham     …    Agent Ben Stasiak

Neil Brown Jr.     …    Malik

Mirtha Michelle     …    Cara

Source for the cast :- http://www.imdb.com

Watch the trailor now.

Man am I curious for this one!!!!!!!!

Are You??