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Linkin Park Planning To Release Next Album In 2009





Linkin Park, which released its “Minutes To Midnight” after 4 years long break since its “Meteora” in 2003, is planning to release its next album in 2009 and has already started working on a few songs. Sources say that the band doesn’t want to repeat the gap of 4 years again and is wishing to be as consistent as possible.

Mike Shinoda was quoted saying to The Pulse of Radio that "Actually I’ve been doing a couple of studio dates out on the road, which is new for me," and that "I did a date when we were touring in Germany, one date in Prague, a bunch of dates in New York, and I’m excited about that. It’s been very cool for us. So long story short, we’ve been putting in a lot of work and hopefully we could have a new record out next year."

The band was engaged in its tour “Projekt Revolution tour”, till August 24 and now may concentrate on their next album.

Well, Minutes To Midnight was quite good, but many of the LP fans found it rather slow than the previous albums of the band. I hope that they regain their speed in their songs and fulfill their fan’s(including me) wishes.