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Cellebs On Twitter!

twitter_logoSo? Are you a twitter addict! Know how many celebs are there on twitter?! Maybe thousands or maybe even million! Hehe!

Well in this post, I am going to tell all of you about some of the most famous celebs out there on Twitter and who are worth following according to me!

No Particular order. Just randomly placed. Well yes! The first one had to be my personal favorite!

Backstreet Boys : Well! What to say about these guys! They are sooooo down to earth guys! They post new pics from their busy schedule, like while composing and recording music, doing photo shoot and they even post videos of the same!

Kevin Richardson :  The Ex- Backstreet Boys has joined twitter! He’s really cool!

Britney Spears : Ohhhh! The hot pop princess is also there on twitter! Well most of the updates are made by her manager but sometimes, Britney herself makes some updates!

Linkin Park : The rock band Linkin park is also a wonderfull band to follow! They give updates about various events and new releases! They provided links to various behind the scenes of the video of their song “New Divide” before the video was released!

Eminem : Hmmm… Well Eminem doesn’t update that much but the teases which he posts before doing something huge are really exciting!

Coldplay : They are areal treat for the coldplay fans! They give constant updates with pics and news almost daily! Just have a look at the no. of followers they have!!

John Mayer : It would be enough if I say that the singer’s ex-girlfriend, Jeniffer Aniston left him coz he is a twitter addict! Well, it was one of the reasons for their break up which she mentioned in an interview! Anything more!?

Miley Cyrus : She is there! She has uploaded pretty many pics which are really beautiful!

Ashley Tisdale : My personal favorite cutey from Disney is also here! She’s really sweet!

Ellen DeGeneres : Oh! She’s just wonderful! She posts funny pics from her set and from around the world and her updates are really funny!

Oprah Winfrey : Do I have to say anything about her!?

Barack Obama : Well the president himself updates rarely but we get constant updates from his office!

Gov. Schwarzenegger : Yup! The ‘Terminator’ Governer is also there on twitter!

Vineet(vineetnove) : OH! How could I forget? I am there on twitter! Hehe! Follow me!

I could go on and on with this, but can’t now! I will keep updating this post!

If anyone wants to know if their favourite celeb is there on twitter or not, then just go ahead and ask me!