Prince Of Persia Comes To Life

One of my all time favorite games is finally at the verge of hitting the theatres! Walt Disney Pictures is about to release the movie “Prince Of Persia – Sands Of Time” this month-end (May ’10).

The movie is basically based on the first part of the game series “Sands Of Time”, with bits from two of the next installments to the series ,”Warrior Within” and “The Two Thrones”. Jake Gyllenhaal plays the role of Prince Dastan in the movie, and in my opinion he fits in perfectly as far as looks are concerned. Can’t say much about the acting part till I actually get to watch the movie. Though he is a brilliant actor but then, who knows (no offenses meant)…

Here are a few stills from the movie ,which make it pretty much evident that Jake has done his home work sincerely for the movie …

The movie trailer is quite impressive, and it boasts the special effects and other awesome visual treats included in the movie! It also shows Jake perform wall to wall jumps and the other stunts from the game counterpart!Y ou can watch the trailer right here!

The trailer has caught my attention… what about you?


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