Dragonball – Live Action Trailer In Good Quality And With Audio

The trailer/teaser which I had posted yesterday is now out in good quality and with audio. The previous was taken using a video camera, but this doesn’t seem to look as if it were taken using a camera. This is not the theatrical view of the trailer. That is going to be different from this.

Well, the video couldn’t be added to the post, so you would have to click on the link provided below to view it.


There are two trailers. One is short and the other one is slightly longer. I hope you enjoy!!

Click here to view the trailer.

I liked it! Did you ??

Some screen shots were also inserted in the official web site of the movie, “dbthemovie.com

Update :- Since, something was wrong with the link to the trailers I gave before, I’ve given direct links to the “dbthemovie.com” where the teaser trailer is present. Will try to get the high quality trailers and post them as soon as possible.


3 thoughts on “Dragonball – Live Action Trailer In Good Quality And With Audio”

  1. @wolvenstorm
    Could you tell me what is wrong in the post?? And why do you dislike all this so much?? Is it that you don’t like the whole idea of this live action and all???

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